Did Council Throw Out Water Restrictions?



Impossibly possible.

Did we miss something recently? We went on a three-day trip to Phoenix, visiting the flatlanders. We came back and I think the restrictions on watering must have been lifted.

Our town council was approving new subdivisions. Yep, something near Tyler Parkway -- 14 new lots. The deed didn't even allow for subdivision, but, I guess someone figured out a way around it.

So, does this mean all the water restrictions have been lifted? Or, maybe the Payson Town Council knows of some new water drilling find near Diamond Ridge.

Now, if I had a private well that I'd paid thousands of dollars to put in, and the town of Payson was telling me how much water I could take, while at the same time approving more new lots, I'd be upset.

But, I don't own a well. I'm just a regular citizen, who kind-a wonders what is going on? You would think that before you approved a new subdivision, you would be able to assure the citizens of Payson enough water to be off restrictions.

Bob Breen, Payson

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