Islamic Religion Defies Reality



Don Castleman commenting on America's war against terrorism (Roundup, June 11, 2004) observes that "we are engaged in the biggest war the world has ever known -- a war of religious and racial hatred -- WW III."

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, provides documentary support for Castleman's statements in a series of quotes from Islamic sources (Human Events June 7, 2004).

Spencer shows that the liberal, politically correct notion of Islam as a "peaceful religion" defies reality. Islam is based on a Qur'an-backed doctrine of violence against all non-Muslims. This doctrine has been constant throughout Islamic history and has never been rejected by Islamic theology to this day.

The Islamic word "jihad" is translated as "war against non-Muslims" -- those who carry out this violence - the mujahedin - are honored as "warriors for Allah," not as the terrorists they really are.

The war cry of Muhammad and his followers as they campaigned across Europe, the Middle and Near East, North Africa, Spain and the Arabian Peninsula was "Submit to Islam or die!"

One manual of Islamic law (founded on the Qur'an) states that Muslims are to "make war against Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians -- until they convert to Islam or pay the non-Muslim poll tax" (jizya).

Very few non-Muslims who refuse to convert live long enough to pay the jizya. The preferred method of dealing with unconverted infidels is beheading, as we witnessed recently and will no doubt again.

Are we willing to accept casualties to defeat Islamic terrorism, or will we submit to liberal nonsense and pay the jizya? What would the 7,000 who died one day on the beaches of Normandy think if they knew we had capitulated in the face of evil?

Carol A. Suhr, Pine

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