New Development Must Stop



Payson must stop all new development and construction immediately, and continue the shutdown until new sources of water can be found and developed. It is futile to drill more wells in the 16 square mile area because this only results in drawdown of the 37 active production wells.

Until retirement, I had been in the irrigation industry for 40 years, drilling and developing wells, manufacturing pumps, pivot sprinklers and selling all types of irrigation equipment. There are few men in the U.S. that have more experience with water.

In my opinion, if building and development is not completely stopped now, this town will go downhill fast, and within five years property values will plummet.

The developers, builders and bureaucracy will scream but, hopefully, our town council will take the necessary measures and remain firm.

Please believe me, this is serious.

Russ Krueger, Payson

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