Signing A Blank Check



Re: PSWID Petition.

The politicians and the developers are again urging the good people of Pine-Strawberry to sign their water petition, and put us into a $12.1 million indebtedness before finding water first.

It is said by some that the ACC does not give us any help. These politicians and developers ignore the fact that the ACC report has not been officially presented to the public. What we have heard from these people is one-half truth and untruths. Figures don't lie -- but liars do figure.

In signing this petition, you are signing a blank check for $12.1 million for these people to spend on unrelated PSWID projects and on their own agendas such as Bureau of Land Management, etc.

If their propaganda sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Beware of Trojan Horses. Ask yourself: Would you sign a blank check to persons you don't know or trust?

Ed Welge, Past PSWID Member, Registered Geologist, State of Arizona

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