Untrue Statements Will Not Solve Problem



Russ Hustead's letter dated June 18th "When will the noise pollution stop?" either ignores facts or reflects no knowledge of them.

His statement, "The complaints about Door Stop noise pollution will stop when Mr. Hill fixes the problem he has created. It is clear that he has a noise emission problem; yet he has not even taken the interest to hire a professional acoustic engineer to reduce the problem," is not a true statement.

First, Hill has never created any noise that was considered excessive, according to three professional acoustic engineers who have visited his facility at the request of others, given the fact that he is in an industrial zone located at the end of an airport runway.

Also, at the June 1, 2004 "Town of Payson Community Open House Regarding Noise Regulations," Bob Gould, of the Town of Payson Community Development Department, was asked, "Has The Door Stop ever exceeded the current town of Payson sound ordinance for an industrial zone?" Gould's answer was no.

At that same meeting, Hill did not ask "for a 24/7 permit to emit noise at a deafening 75 decibels." He was asked the question, "What decibel of noise could he live with?" He answered, "75 decibels," and explained that this is an average acceptable decibel for light industry zones.

The acoustic engineers and Gould have stated that The Door Stop is not operating under excessive noise conditions in an area zoned for light industry. Therefore, it is clear that Hill does not have a noise emission problem, as Hustead stated.

Mayor Brewer did not go on record, "supporting the concept of 24/7 noise pollution." She has gone on record saying she supports new jobs, and economic development for Payson, which will create more tax revenue for schools and street repair we so desperately need.

Brewer also is aware of the fact that when the town approached Hill to move his Door Stop plant to Payson, he was a 24/7 operation, and met the town ordinance for M-1 light industry.

Untrue statements will not resolve this problem. The town council and residents of Payson must determine if we want more light industry with higher paying jobs to help reduce the tax burden on home owners, or do they want to stop all industry growth and increase the tax burden on Payson residents.

Gordon Metcalf, Co-Chairman, Citizens for Better Payson Government

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