Caution, Mr. Walker



The new restrictions proposed by Buzz Walker concerning "private wells" and the use of water taken from these wells is, in my opinion, one more blatant example of Big Brother at work, and one more attempt to regulate another aspect of our lives.

If Mr. Walker is successful in persuading the town council to adopt his proposed ordinance then the citizens of Payson had better be prepared to spend a whole lot of money for the litigation that is sure to follow.

I do not live in Payson, but this nonsense will affect my plans to develop my property if it is allowed to be instituted as law anywhere in Arizona, so I ask Mr. Walker: Do you really want to open this can of worms? I ask the town council: Are you going to allow Mr. Walker to open this can of worms? And I ask the citizens of Payson: Do you really want to spend your tax dollars to support this effort to further regulate the use of your land and your resources?

I say to the folks who own private wells, when you are ready to pass the hat to collect money for legal fees, call me, I will contribute to your fund, and I for one will be very curious to see how this comes out because it can make a difference in what we can do up here with our water issue.

If I were an attorney, I would be all over this with dollar signs in my eyes, and if the ordinance is passed, I would be planning to buy a new condo when it is over.

I would also send a thank-you card to Mr. Walker.

Jim Estess, Pine

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