If I Was President



Have you ever said, "If I was President, I would..."? I'm sure we all have.

I've assembled a list of policies and programs that I think would benefit this nation immensely, both morally and financially.

If I was President:

I would immediately resign from the United Nations and give them one year to get their offices and corrupt, arrogant diplomats out of this country.

I would withdraw support for NATO for at least one year. We have supported NATO since the beginning, and we are the first member nation to be attacked, and what kind of support have we received from them? I believe this situation could be corrected with a heart-to-heart talk with most of the countries, except France. Approximately 17 percent of the French are anti-Semitic racists, another 17 percent are Communists, and 7 percent are Muslims -- they will never again be our ally.

I would immediately discontinue aid to any country that has voted against us in the UN or NATO in the last 10 years on any issue that jeopardized our national security.

I would discontinue all trade with countries that support or harbor terrorists. This, of course, means that we have to immediately begin exploration for oil and other energy sources in our own country, including Alaska.

I would balance the Balance of Trade. Any country that does not allow us to sell our goods in their country will not sell their goods in our country.

I would immediately begin negotiations with all countries that have illegal aliens in our country. Thirty percent of the prisoners in our federal prisons are illegal aliens. I would send them back to their country of origin to serve their sentences.

I would also send all illegal aliens captured in our country back to their country before the sun sets. We spend $7.4 billion per year to educate illegal aliens and over $2 billion per year for health care for them. With the savings we could pay off the national debt and start taking care of our own citizens.

But the bleeding heart liberals will say you can never get this passed by the Congress. I disagree. I believe any responsible, dedicated politico running on this platform would be overwhelmingly elected, and any congressman or senator that did not support it would be looking for a real job after the next election.

Don Castleman, Payson

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