Airpark Residents Should Stop Nonsense



As I read the letters in the Roundup, I keep wondering how people can be so self-serving with little regard for the community they reside in.

First and foremost are the residents of the airpark subdivision who feel the noise of the airport and their airplanes is okay, but heaven forbid noise from saws.

Our former mayor Ray Schum worked with the town council to bring in The Door Stop. It is important that we bring in industry, so we may be able to keep our young people in town with decent paying jobs.

We are not Sun Cities, who are bedroom communities to Phoenix: we need young people to keep our town vital. I keep hoping the town council can find a way to stop this nonsense from the residents of the airpark subdivision.

If we lose The Door Stop, undoubtedly we will not be able to attract other industries in the future.

The residents were aware that the property surrounding them was commercial. I also understand they have hired a lawyer to keep from having the Humane Society's animal shelter in their area, even though it would be state of the art, with no noise and no smell.

Maybe the town needs to put a proposition on the November ballot: introducing new laws on what industries can be allowed, in the commercially zoned property. There is no doubt how the majority of residents feel about keeping The Door Stop. How about voting against residents of the airpark subdivision having airplanes on their property? I would go for that.

Peggy Freeman, Payson

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