Build By Industry And What Do You Expect?



In reference to Mr. Hustead's letter of 6/18: My wife and I have wandered all over the area in question, being interested in the perceived problem -- this on a number of different days.

Last week, we acquired the use of a sound meter that measures sound emissions. Yes, this has already been done by others; in fact, by professional sound engineers. I am not an engineer, but I am very curious.

We measured the sound of three heavy duty trucks -- a ready-mix truck, an eighteen-wheel dump body, and a semi at local properties, measuring the sound at 50 feet and 100 feet.

We then stopped at a coffee shop to go over what we had learned. Well, the coffee shop sound was measured at 10 decibels less than a truck at 100 feet -- about the distance of a truck at the curb in front of a house.

Ah, but I wander ...

If one builds near a truck stop, one will hear the sounds of trucks.

If one builds near an industrial zone, one may well expect to hear the sound of industry.

Fred Vandu Werf, Payson

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