Call For Action Differs From Party Line



It is interesting that Don Castleman, as Chairman of the Gila County Republican Party, has departed from his support of the Republican standard bearer George W. Bush.

In his letter entitled, "If I were president" which appeared recently in the Payson Roundup, Mr. Castleman says that if he were president he would resign from the United Nations. President Bush has now gone to the United Nations with his hat in hand and is begging for their support in his misadventure in Iraq.

Mr. Castleman says he would withdraw support from NATO. Over the last weekend in June of this year, President Bush went to NATO, again, with hat in hand, and sought and received support from that body that Mr. Castleman repudiates.

Mr. Castleman states that he would "discontinue all trade with countries that support or harbor terrorists" while President Bush continues to trade and support the Saudis, China, Pakistan, Iran, just to name a few.

Mr. Castleman says that if he were president, he would balance trade.

Castleman then attacks "illegal" aliens. President Bush advocates an amnesty program for undocumented aliens.

Then, Castleman states that he believes that "any responsible, dedicated politico running on this platform would be overwhelming elected." My question is, who is Mr. Castleman going to support for president? Maybe he should step down from his position as Republican County chair and find another candidate for president other than George W. Bush.

I have many names that I would like to call Mr. Castleman, but I know one that no one will ever call him -- President of the United States.

Sydney J. Whitely, Payson

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