Parents Must Fight For School Changes



RCMS, is it or isn't it?

Rim Country Middle School, is it or isn't it a "highly performing school?"

If it is, why did last year's freshmen have so much trouble and how many of last year's 56 freshmen that failed were "social promotions" from eighth grade the year before?

Why is there a policy of "social promotion"? Does the school board think the AIMS test in high school will solve the problem for them?

Last year I spoke with the principal, assistant principal, counselor, special services, resource teachers, teachers at open house, the school board and guess what -- I just wasted a lot of my time and effort.

I hope next year's "mandatory" lunch time study hall for new freshmen isn't the best they can come up with!

Last year the freshmen had "mentors" too -- a total waste of time. One of the "mentors" was thrown out of school for underage drinking.

The high school principal is encouraging faculty members to develop close relationships with students? Last year we couldn't get faculty members to return phone calls, e-mails, or notes dropped off in their school mail boxes, let alone return graded papers so we would see where our student needed more help. We did get lots of lectures about how students are free to stay after school for extra help two days a week. Last year the high school focused more on lost and forgotten ID cards than academics.

There have been many past Payson Roundup articles where parents mention numbers of students being home schooled. I think I know why. I don't see parents writing in with frustration about the charter schools, that tells me something.

A couple weeks ago, Paula Waterman wrote "Schools shouldn't be run by dictatorship," and suggested we pull our heads out of the sand, that we can't fix what isn't broken, that we all speak out until someone agrees to hear us and make changes. I would love to know how to do that.

Yes, our students need supportive advocates -- they need all the help they can get to survive RCMS and PHS -- not peer pressure, but teachers.

Parents in this town need to become one large, collective voice that can make positive changes in these schools. I tried alone and didn't get anywhere. Anyone else out there have any ideas?

Elizabeth Williams, Payson

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