Tv Newscasters Insensitive



I cannot believe the insensitivity and arrogance being shown by several newscasters at Fox TV regarding the Willow Fire.

On Sunday, June 27, when the fire had grown to 10,000 acres, the Sunday evening newscaster told viewers that "the good news is, [the fire] is not headed toward us in the valley".

And Monday morning, with the fire at 14,000 acres and only 7 miles from the Payson town limits, the weather forecaster had the audacity to say "we have to keep the rain away from here this coming weekend so [the Valley's] fireworks displays can go off without a hitch". They didn't even have the decency to add, "although a good downpour could really help our neighbors to the north ...."

I'm tired of hearing arrogant newscasters talk about the "valley" as though it were the only place of significance on earth.

And I'm tired of hearing the whines about their problems -- like the current whine about the only cases of West Nile Virus in Arizona being in Maricopa County. Now why, do we think, that is the case? We have no cases of West Nile Virus in northern Gila County because it is carried by mosquitoes that breed in water. Enough said.

Grow up, valley newscasters. It isn't always only about you.

Grace Schoerner, Pine

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