Stories for March 2004


Tuesday, March 30

Pianists close TCCA's silver anniversary season


The 25th anniversary season of Tonto Community Concerts will close with a performance by award-winning pianist Antonio Pompa-Baldi and his wife, Emanuela Friscioni. The performance will be at 7 p.m. Friday, April 2 at the Payson High School auditorium.

Enjoy a low-carb feast


The secret is out -- low carbohydrate is in.

Payson, meet Tammy Kelly


If Tammy Kelly walks into a western clothing store anywhere in Wyoming, Okla., or even in Las Vegas, Nev., people know who she is. They are proud to meet her, happy for a chance to talk with her, and perhaps get a chance to have her sign a particular piece of rodeo memorabilia.

Badges have their benefits


I agree with the town's legal department -- this whole issue of town councilors flashing their badges is much ado about nothing.

Monday, March 29

Cancelation draws old coach's wrath

As the former football and basketball coach and math teacher of David Nicholas, you could bet the winning lottery ticket -- if you're lucky enough to be clutching it -- I'll soon give the Show Low baseball coach a brutal jousting.

Fix funding problems in bill or forget it

President Bush's so-called "No Child Left Behind" education law is finally being recognized for what it really is -- an invasive, under-funded federal mandate.

Floyd G. Umbower

Floyd Golden Umbower, 71, of Payson, died March 25, 2004.

Dennis Kather

Dennis "Ratbag" Kather, 48, of Pine, died March 26, 2004, at his home.

Ronald W. Haught

Ronald Wayne Haught, 67, of Mayer, died March 17, 2004.

Clark's integrity should be questioned

My compliments to the editorial board of The Arizona Republic. In your editorial of March 25, 2004, you not only questioned the integrity of Richard Clark in his testimony before the 9/11 Commission, and the allegations in the Viacom/CBS-backed book, you also question the objectivity of anyone that supports this liar.

Officer could use some tact

It was with interest that I read two letters to the editor from folks complaining about receiving speeding tickets ... and apparently in one case for only being a couple of miles over the posted speed limit.

Dogs are best exercise partners


We are being bombarded with facts about our couch potato lifestyle and the resulting problem of obesity.

Cats bow out of diamond tussle

The more than decade-long baseball rivalry between the Payson Longhorns and Show Low Cougars could be over.

Look for state-class track in home opener

Those who attend today's (Tuesday) track and field home opener against Flagstaff Sinagua and Snowflake can expect Longhorn track team members to turn in some state-class performances.

Site feedback

Re: Progress edition: I want to thank the Roundup for the excellent Progress edition in Friday's paper ...

Joan A. Goodwin

Joan Ann Goodwin, 73, of Tonto Basin, died March 25, 2004 in Payson.

Webber Fire climbs Rim near Pine

The first major forest fire of the season struck close to home for Rim country residents -- a blaze that grew to 550 acres this morning and is less than a mile north of Camp Geronimo.

Man tries to rob tribal market

A man was arrested after trying to rob the Tonto Apache Market, Friday afternoon.

Homeland security money in Payson

The majority of the Payson Town Council's brief agenda Thursday had to do with money as the town approaches budget season.

Mountain lions sighted in Payson, Pine

Mountain lions have been sighted in two locations in the Rim country, one in Pine and one in Payson.

Local boy sworn in as Deputy Gila County Attorney

Payson's native son, John Franklin, was sworn in as a Deputy Gila County Attorney Monday morning.

Crayfish Connoisseur: Swedish man brings passion from homeland to Arizona


Arne Koch's passion is crayfish.

Thanks for pollen count

Many thanks for adding the pollen count to the Weather Report, and for the great article by Dr. Zonakis!

Traffic officer's work appreciated

I live on Main Street West, and have lived here since 1970. I think it is wonderful that they have appointed Officer Dyer to deal with traffic violations.

Officer is doing a great job

I would like to respond to the lady and man who have criticized our fine police officer who is doing his job.

Happy with tax cuts

In response to Larry Brophy's letter of March 23:

Three strikes and you're out

I recently read the Wall Street Journal's March 4 editorial, entitled "Strike Three at the FCC," and was quite surprised to learn that the Federal Communications Commission has tried three times to defy laws passed by Congress to encourage real investment and competition in today's communications marketplace, and three times they have been shot down by the courts for overstepping their powers and rewriting the law.

Support in election appreciated

Thank you, all of you, who supported me and gave me your vote of confidence in the town election. A simple thank you is such a small token description of how I truly feel.

A needless, costly war

In his letter of March 19, Don Castleman quotes Vietnam veteran and fiction writer Don Bendell, who calls John Kerry an "unprincipled liar" regarding his 1971 Congressional testimony about atrocities committed by some U.S. troops against Vietnam civilians.

Teen tags bison, Cape buffalo

At 15, Rand Hallman can claim his big game accomplishments include both an American Bison and an African Cape Buffalo.

Payson to host inaugural Grand Prix

Former state champion Wayne Gorry, cycling veteran Brian Goble and members of Rim country's Soggy Dog racing team will be among the 300-plus mountain bikers expected to participate in the Payson Grand Prix.

Man's work at senior facility more than job


For Ray McCrary, his work as the maintenance engineer at the Payson Senior Apartments is more than a job.

Gila Community College adopts new logo

Gila Community College has a brand new logo.

A push for modern recycling

I have just returned from spending time with my disabled daughter in Astoria, Ore., helping her get situated in a new apartment. Astoria is located at the mouth of the Columbia River with access to Washington state just across the river by a very high, four-mile long bridge.

Thursday, March 25

Keeping up with Maine

Jim Keyworth's "PUSD administrative cost actually low" is a timely and thorough comparison of Payson schools to others in the state.

Ducks race through Christopher Creek this weekend


The Inaugural Duck Race in Christopher Creek takes place this Saturday, 2 p.m., at the Landmark. At $5 each, ducks will be sold Friday night and Saturday until 1:45 p.m.

Pine's water supply topic of Saturday meeting


The Citizens for an Adequate Water Supply is holding a public meeting at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, March 27. There will be lots of information and people who will respond to questions. This water problem is a concern to all of us. We need to learn all we can from all sides.

Time to get ready for spring


The weather has been absolutely beautiful this past week. The buds are popping on the fruit trees and the grass is growing pretty fast already.

Plants and more offered by Pearson & Company North

Customers can find the special decorator touches of plants, art, accessories and exotic wood furnishings at Pearson & Company North.

Home dealership has new location

Bradshaw Mountain Homes, owned and operated by the Ulmer family, has been in business since 1999, but it just opened a formal dealership last month.

Ronald W. Haught

Ronald Wayne Haught, 67, of Mayer, died March 17, 2004.

Robert W. Johnston

Robert W. "Bob" Johnston, 73, of Payson, died March 24, 2004.

Gladys J. Bowser

Gladys Jane Bowser, 88, of Payson, died March 23, 2004.

Marcia L. Barg

Marcia Lanea Barg, 61, of Tonto Basin, died at her residence March 23, 2004.

PWGA opens for new members

The Payson Women's Golf Association is looking for a few good members.

AIA records feature former Longhorns

Arizona Interscholastic Association Sports information director Barry Sollenberger updated the Arizona High School Baseball record book to include a pair of former Longhorns.

Lady Horns open against Cienega

The Kingman Pepsi/Albertson Invitational Fast-Pitch Softball Tournament will afford the Lady Longhorns (7-4) the opportunity to put their skills to the test against teams and players they have never played before.

What's up?

Q: What's up with the plans to change the traffic pattern at the airport?

Service is costly, Legislators shameful

National Guard and Reservist families are suffering financially as husbands/wives are on extended military active duty. Family incomes are reduced. Many families have lost their spouse's benefits, not the least of which family health insurance.

Animal shelter concerns

There has been much discussion and many rumors circulating about the status of the Humane Society animal shelter and a new building. It is time to address those concerns so that the people of Payson will understand that we are fully aware of those issues, but to also explain about the purpose and needs of an animal shelter.

Illegal aliens increasing

Regarding Norma Foxen's letter to you 3-16-04. She covered it all, and I'd like to add these facts.

Lou Dobbs tells it like it is

Have you noticed the near dead silence in the national and local media on illegal immigration?

Seeing another side of kids

So often I hear things like "What's wrong with our kids now-a-days?", or, "I'm sure glad I'm not a teenager during these times." I have caught myself in the midst of being critical but, as of recently, a group of teenagers taught me a very special lesson.

Don't blame the officer for your ticket

I am responding to the articles regarding the traffic officer. People should stop complaining and just obey the speed limit, traffic lights and other traffic signs.

Don't want a ticket? Obey the law

I am utterly dismayed with my fellow citizens who have written letters that were published in the Payson Roundup March 16 and 19, 2004.

Toastmasters in search of local leaders

Not all community leaders are found in elective office. In fact, chances are, some of the most dynamic leaders prefer a low profile when it comes to recognition, but you still know who they are.

Zane Grey says goodbye to Arizona

Part 4

Residents of Payson and Arizona look forward to the completion of fund-raising for rebuilding the Zane Grey cabin at Green Valley Park.

Citizens Academy takes mystery out of law enforcement

Dispelling the mystery and myths around law enforcement and making Rim residents more familiar with how the sheriff's office operates are the goals of the first Citizens Police Academy hosted by the county.

Buckshot Dot, Deming latest to be named Culturekeepers

Anna Mae Deming and Dee Strickland Johnson have been selected as two of the state's Culturekeepers for 2004 and will be honored in a special hall in the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in Scottsdale.

Door Stop, neighbors negotiate over noise

A truce between the parties feuding over Door Stop noise may be on the horizon, according to business owner Jim Hill.

Early fires spark talk of forest closure

It's only March, but forest fires have already consumed more acres in the Payson Ranger District than all of last summer.

Pioneer Park dedication set for April 3

Anna Mae Deming remembers her late husband driving the "official" town ambulance -- "our own car" -- to Globe and Cottonwood before Payson had a hospital of its own.

5 remain in Roundup's race to NCAA championship

Only five of the Payson Roundup staff's picks to win the NCAA men's basketball championship are alive and well in the tournament.

Home opener corrals Mustangs, Lobos

The Longhorn track and field teams make their 2004 home debut March 30 in a three-way meet involving Flagstaff Sinagua and Snowflake. Start time for junior varsity and varsity field events is 3 p.m.

Tuesday, March 23

Payson's first elected constable


James Pleasant "Jim" Lovelady was born March 19, 1852 in Spring Creek, Mo. His father, John, and Uncle James -- both Confederate soldiers -- were killed during the first days of the Civil War.

Grand Prix puts Rim country on map for cyclists


Buckle down Rim residents, a horde of competitive bikers are coming to town in April.

Rim country steak fries gristly events


I don't mean to stir up the natives, especially the flesh-eating ones.

Celebrate the turning season with a special spring brunch


Trees are beginning to blossom in the Rim country and warm spring days beckon us outside for fun in the sun -- playing, gardening, golfing, or just enjoying life.

Monday, March 22

Decision on leave poor one

As grandparents of a middle school student, we are very concerned about the change being considered for the next school year.

An apology

This isn't necessarily "to the editor" but an apology to Mr. Smolenski for misspelling his name when we distributed the PSA on the Humane Society Jazz Brunch.

Debate on war involves huge risk

Recent letters in the Roundup have demonized President Bush. Typically, it is alleged he involved us in a war with Iraq by a lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Singer has Payson on her mind


Singer-songwriter Lynda St. John loves Payson -- so much, in fact, that she's written a song about the area.

Beautification day scheduled for schools

Hundreds of parents, students and community members are expected to man hoes, rakes, shovels and other equipment at the Community-Wide School Beautification Day, Saturday, April 3.

Bonnie B. Kenneally

Bonnie Bray Kenneally, 60, of Payson, died March 18, 2004.

Willard Hayes

Willard "Woody" Hayes of Star Valley died March 7, 2004.

Ronald W. Haught

Ronald Wayne Haught, 67, of Mayer, died March 17, 2004.

Ira E. Eastman

Ira Eugene Eastman, 56, of Payson, died sometime between March 15 and March 17, 2004.

Spencer J. Brown

Spencer Jared Brown, 21, died March 22, 2004 at home in Payson. He was born Jan. 17, 1983 in Mesa.

Site feedback

Re: PUSD administrative costs -- Comparing the administrative costs of one school district to another is irrelevant ...

About the traffic tickets

Here we go again!ore people not taking responsibility for their actions.

Thank God for traffic cop

There is nothing worse than a driver who exceeds the speed limit in school zones.

A cure for Social Security

The best, quickest and most efficient way to cure our Social Security shortcomings is to get a bill started to place all politicians on Social Security in 2005.

The U.S. budget is a looming crisis

Once again, President Bush is saying one thing and doing another. You might have heard him say that he's proposing more money for things like education and medical research.

Right wing slant

A small town depends on its small-town newspaper for a balanced view. What an ironic juxtaposition, then, in the March 12 edition. A "lofty" column, "Our View," on how "All candidates should be congratulated" abutted by yet another tasteless anti-Kerrycartoon.

Giving thanks for happy lives

I'm not much on praying unless I'm trouble, but when I'm in trouble I'm as devout as the pope.

Plane, plant noise not half of it

With reference to the letters about noise since they moved in next to the airport industrial area. -- What if you had bought next to the national forest?

Airplanes noisier than business

Ah! Almost spring, and some of the finest things are to sit and swing on the front porch and soak in the warmth and have conversation with friends and neighbors.

Payson's traffic enforcement officer is saving lives

It seems Payson's traffic enforcement officer is ruffling some feathers lately. Officer Allen Dyer was selected by Chief Gordon Gartner and Lt. Don Engler in October to exclusively deal with traffic violations.

Players sought for Senior Little League

The Senior Division (13 to 15 years old) of Payson Little League is in desperate need of enough players to form a fourth team for upcoming spring and summer play.

Wrestlers to celebrate season with potluck

Remember BAGUBA?

Annual MSA banquet to be most festive yet

Jack Koon is predicting the upcoming Mogollon Sporting Association annual banquet will be the most festive the organization has hosted.

Track schedule revised

The original versions of the Payson High School track and field schedules have undergone some recent revisions.

Spring brings Mingus Marauder bats to Payson

The Longhorn baseball team (7-5-1) will attempt to rally behind a strong pitching staff and a rapidly improving offense when all-important 4A Grand Canyon regional play begins 3:30 p.m. March 26 on the PHS diamond.

Wide variety of plants with abundant beauty save water


At this writing, temperatures have already exceeded the normal highs for late spring or early summer, and precipitation amounts in the high country have been disappointing. Gardeners concerned about preserving their love of gardening and lowering their water bills may want to consider the wide variety of native plants now available.

Bulldog fracas beckons Lady Horns

With visions of a tournament championship swirling inside their batting helmets, the Lady Longhorn softball team (7-4) returns to post-spring break play March 26 and 27 at the Kingman Bulldog Invitational.

Barking problem rooted in neglect


Several readers requested that I re-address the problem of barking dogs.

Payson High School graduate spends 371 days in Iraq


As protesters demonstrated against the war in Iraq this weekend, marking the first anniversary of the invasion, a Payson High School graduate talked about his experiences in the war.

Jazz brunch benefits shelter

A Payson Humane Society jazz piano brunch fund-raiser will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, March 28 at Mad Dawg's and Mel's Restaurant on Main Street.

Party fetes third edition of 'the brown book'

Affectionately referred to as "the brown book," it's been the definitive work on the Rim country's colorful past for the two decades since it was first published.

Homeland security on council agenda

The Payson town council will vote on an agreement that will result in funds to enhance homeland security. The agreement for grant money is one item on a very short agenda describing Thursday's meeting of the council.

Override election set

The special budget override election for the Payson Unified School District has been officially set for May 18.

'Substantial leads' in Eastman homicide

The Payson Police Department and the Gila County Sheriff's Office are following what they call "substantial leads" in the murder of 56-year-old Payson resident, Ira Eastman.

Town holds session on forest health

Payson's role in achieving forest health is the topic of a work session the town council will hold at 5 p.m. Thursday preceding its meeting.

Brush fire goes astray at Rumsey Park

Payson residents got an early whiff of what could be a nasty fire season when smoke filtered into their homes Monday afternoon from a prescribed burn that briefly raged out of control at Rumsey Park.

Hire another traffic enforcer

In reference to Mail Call letter, Friday, 19 March 04, regarding the traffic enforcer giving PD a black eye.

Thursday, March 18

Body of missing man, gun found in river

The body of a missing 56-year-old Payson man, Ira Eastman, was found Thursday morning in the East Verde River, near the first crossing off Houston Mesa Road.

Alternative should be added to argument

What is the CAWS' Alternative?

Water's future is in our hands

Water found in Pine.

Traffic enforcer giving PD black eye

Traffic enforcer -- is he a hindrance, or a man with a mission?

Hazy days ahead

Payson residents can expect to see smoke in the northern and eastern skies for the next week as the Payson Ranger District conducts two prescribed burns.

Voden has some good ideas

Re: Choose the time you travel by Mike Voden, 3/12/04

Finances force ouster of museum director

Sharesse von Strauss has been relieved of her duties as director of the Northern Gila County Historical Society.

Donelda E. Vowles

Donelda Emma Vowles, 63, of Payson, died at her home March 13, 2004, following a short but valiant fight against breast cancer.

Postseason honors harder to come by in 4A conference

Only a week after the Payson High School soccer teams were snubbed in the selection of the All-Arizona teams, both the boys and girls Longhorn basketball teams suffered the same fate.

Poetry, parties and more abound around Pine area


It sure feels a lot like spring up here in the Rim country. The trees are budding and daffodils and crocuses are popping up. Hopefully we will get some snow before too long, lots of it. It sure would be nice to get a fruit crop this year.

Lonnie Hudson

Lonnie Hudson, 50, of Jake's Corner, died March 16, 2004 in Tonto Basin.

Town offers discount program to reduce water use

With the deadline looming for businesses to convert to waterless urinals, the Payson Water Department is making the fixtures available to commercial customers at a reduced price.

Rose Tarallo Vitale

Rose Tarallo Vitale, 91, of Tempe, died March 18, 2004.

Ronald E. Frewin

Ronald Earl Frewin, 76, of Payson, died March 18, 2004 at his home after a short illness.

Rim residents build Grey hideaway

Part 3

The late Richard Haught was the son of Zane Grey's guide, Anderson Lee "Babe" Haught.

Deli fare, ice cream shop now at Tonto Plaza

It's the perfect combination for lunch, a deli sandwich, soup or salad, topped off with ice cream. That's what Rim Deli 'n Ice Cream Shop in the Tonto Plaza offers the working folks and students of Payson.

Red tape keeps air unsafe

On Nov. 25, 2002, President Bush signed the Arming Pilots Against Terrorism Act. Yet, out of 100,000 eligible pilots, only 2,000 have volunteered to date, and I have no idea how many are armed.

Kerry disgraces one vet

I am quoting here from an open letter to John Kerry from Don Bendell from Canon City, Colo., who was a Green Beret officer in Vietnam, and a best-selling author with over 1.5 million books in print:

Spring planting for a new life

The first day of spring 2004, the men and women of the Payson Area Habitat for Humanity will help Julie Hill and her family plant seeds for a new life in their own home.

Enforcing OHV restrictions critical for forest

If you've spent any time at all in the Rim country's forests the last few years, you've seen the damage caused by off-highway vehicles. It isn't pretty.

Truck cuts power for 4,000

Wednesday morning about 4,000 Payson electric customers found themselves without power.

Supervisors bring forest meeting to Payson

The Gila County Board of Supervisors will have a forest health workshop in Payson next week to hear from forest experts.

Boy recovering from bike accident

Michael Kallmans, 14, is recovering at home after he was struck by a van while riding his bike yesterday morning.

New mortgage company features familiar faces

This week Tara Keeney changed her life, and that of the people who worked with her at Payson's Concord Mortgage Company. Keeney started her own business March 15, Lenders for Life Home Mortgage Corporation, a fully licensed and independent mortgage broker.

Spring has sprung on the Mogollon


Spring has sprung in Rim country. The trees have sprouted with their fragrant blooms and daffodils are popping up everywhere.

State says don't feed wildlife


The people at the Arizona Game and Fish Department have expressed concern about the number of people feeding the wildlife.

Tribe, casino pro-active on curbing drunken driving

The Mazatzal Casino and the Tonto Apache Police Department offered St. Patrick's Day celebrators a chance to check their blood-alcohol level as well as a ride home if they blew above the .08 legal limit.

Little League issues plea for players

Payson Little League officials are seeking enough players to field a fourth team in the senior division (13-15- years-of-age).

Moral collapse is imminent

Court remains hostile to God.

Tonto Apaches dominate throws events

A trio of Tonto Apache Track and Field team members earned gold medals at the USA Track and Field competition March 13 at Tolleson High School.

Coach takes blame for fourth-place showing

Longtime Payson High track and field coach Chuck Hardt is shouldering the blame for the Longhorn boys fourth-place finish at a four-way meet March 10 in Buckeye.

Horns rally for six victories

The Longhorn baseball team has rebounded from a 1-4-1 start to win six consecutive games.

Site feedback

Re: Home Depot -- I decided to work for Home Depot a few years ago in a part-time capacity ...

A cheap local bypass is possible

Sometime back, our local TV station was showing Cliff Potts talking to some of our council members about streets and bypasses.

Be a good follower before leading

What would you do with an employee who seemed to please the customers, but had no respect for you as their boss, and constantly complained over a period of years? I would guess that eventually the employee would move on and the boss would not cry at their departure.

Tuesday, March 16

Life of adventure led to discovery of natural bridge


David Douglas "Davey" Gowan was one of the first white men in the Rim country. He was a great-uncle to Anna Mae Ogilvie Deming, of Payson, and he is credited with discovering the Tonto Natural Bridge, which is now an Arizona State Park. He was also the first white man to consider settlement in Gisela, Ariz.

Week of jazz on tap for Payson


One of the reasons popular pianist/vocalist and Grammy nominee Judy Roberts likes to come to Payson is that she knows she'll have an audience that's both attentive and appreciative.

Celebrate St. Patrick's with fun and food


Everybody wants to be a little bit Irish on St. Patrick's Day, so celebrate with some Irish food favorites.

Beware the Ides of March


So March hasn't been a great month for you?

Monday, March 15

Parker G. Sutton, Jr.

Parker George Sutton, Jr., 85, of Payson, died March 11, 2004.

Police search for clues in possible abduction

When Peggy Tepolt returned from an appointment early Monday morning, she said it was clear someone had forced entry into her home. But the intruders appear to have only taken one thing -- her husband.

Neighbors express concerns over Home Depot

Residents in the area where the Home Depot is to be built had a chance to express their concerns to company representatives yesterday (Monday).

Off-road vehicles face new restrictions

New statewide restrictions will soon ban off-highway vehicles (OHVs) from leaving established roads and trails, according to Payson Ranger District officials.

Goat project gets final OK

After a decades-long absence, goats will once again be grazing in the Tonto National Forest.

County considers map change for new development

Gila County may be changing some land uses in the Payson area this week.

Advocates work to improve future for seniors

Ardent advocates for senior citizens are launching a project to change the future of the low-income elderly.

Nigerian oil scam returns: Chief Obi won't make you rich

If you receive a letter from a Chief Peter Obi saying you can get rich from investing in Nigerian oil, throw it in the garbage.

Socializing pets is multi-step process


Approximately 175 dogs, cats and ferrets were vaccinated at the rabies clinic last week. Because of the new law requiring a brief examination by a veterinarian, there was a bit of a wait, but from all reports, people were patient and polite.

Cooka runs to dual golds

Rim country runner Tom Cooka, 72, continues to build on his legacy of being one of the state's most accomplished long-distance performers.

Buckeye proves to be test under fire

After improving to 2-0 with a 2-1 regular-season victory over Scottsdale Coronado, the Lady Horn softball team dropped four of the seven games played in the Buckeye Invitational Tournament.

Youth team debuts at Champions Cup

For the 15 members of the newly organized 14-years-and under Payson boys soccer team, participation in the Northern Arizona Champions Cup tournament was the opportunity to build the foundation of a highly competitive high school team.

Payson pro to battle West's best at EverStart

Clifford Pirch will be among the 150 bass pros anxious to pocket prize money in the four-day $214,525 EverStart Western Division Series opener that begins tomorrow (Wednesday) at Lake Havasu.

Roundup employees attempt to pick NCAA champion

The Payson Roundup staff is well divided on which school will claim the men's NCAA basketball championship when it is decided April 5 at the Alamodome in San Antonio. In fact, no two employees picked the same team to win the crown.

Will families be allowed to grow with Payson?

Saturday, I was at the Sawmill Theatre to oversee the Roundup-sponsored family movie event. I was pleased to see a sold-out theater filled with children and their parents who came to watch the Disney animated film Brother Bear.

Speeding toward higher death toll

Rural interstate drivers may be able to go 80 mph in the near future -- legally.

Leaders need to help us be the best

About the schedule for exploratories this year.

One lucky town to call home

You might label this one, "Small Town Blessings."

Excessive ticketing causes fear

I, like most people in town, have witnessed the excessive ticketing of individuals since the new full-time traffic position was started. It seems overwhelming.

PREDC should have to bid on property

This is an open letter to the Honorable Mayor and Town Council, Town of Payson

Can't we do something about barking dogs?

To Christy Wrather and Payson paper -- I always read your column. I think that you do a great job and most are very interesting and helpful for the animals.

What other country?

We do a lot for illegals.

Don't put cabin in Green Valley Park

Re: Zane Grey Cabin Site

Rachel S. Anderson

Rachel Sanders Anderson, 82, of Payson, died March 12, 2004.

Edward C. Minthorne

Edward Coe Minthorne, 98, of Payson, died March 10, 2004.

Larry E. Sigrist

Larry E. Sigrist, 68, died March 11, 2004.

Rim allergy hazard exceeds that in Midwest


For those fortunate non-sufferers among us who doubt that a pristine place like Payson has a serious problem with allergies, Dr. Peter Zonakis would beg to differ.

Designer's business is her life


When Diana Atchley and her husband, Terry, bought White's Interior & Design Inc. from Terry's sister, Susan Lloyd, she was entering a fairly unknown world.

Student seeks sharing residents

I am an eighth-grade student at Washington Manor Middle School in San Leandro, Calif. I am currently doing a school project that entails planning a vacation to your fine state.

Thursday, March 11

County closes book on old maintenance yard

Gila County has spent a decade monitoring surface water and soil at its old maintenance yard on the west side of Star Valley.

Sheriff's office looks for car vandals

Gila County Sheriff's detectives are looking for the person or persons who vandalized a car late Monday night.

Whispering Pines fire district gets new set of wheels

It's not often that a fire department can purchase an emergency response vehicle without spending a single taxpayer dollar.

Councilor cleared in traffic stop incident

A senior assistant prosecutor from Peoria has determined that criminal charges will not be filed against Councilor Dick Reese for an incident in which the councilor flashed his badge at a motorist and instructed him to turn his blinker off.

Mayor's race heads to run-off

3 councilors elected in primary

A crowd gathered at Payson Town Hall yesterday afternoon to hear the final results of the primary election.

Heron says thanks

To my community of Payson patients, I want to thank all of your who cared enough to take the time to vote for me in the category for "Best Doctor of Payson."

Quilts were precious gifts

Re: Shoofly Quilters and Payson Community Kids

Senior Center an asset

I, as a senior, want to tell you of the wonderful services the Payson Senior Center provides. They are the only bus service in town, which we seniors need. It is reasonably priced, and always on time.

Grey becomes captivated by Rim country's beauty

Part 2

The plan to build a replica of Zane Grey's hunting lodge in Payson's Green Valley Park suggests local residents brush up on their knowledge about the world-famous author who created the genre of cowboy westerns.

Fire marshal sees opportunity for positive impact

Payson is a land of opportunity for Mike Winters -- the opportunity to make a safer place; the opportunity to reach out to residents and educate them about the services available to them through the fire department and other public safety agencies.

Mohave a tough test for young baseball team

After watching his Longhorn baseball team stumble to a 1-4-1 record in Mohave Invitational Tournament, coach Teddy Pettet said his team has some maturing to do.

Lady Longhorns gear up for run at Buckeye title

Coach Will Dunman and his Lady Longhorns face the challenge today (Friday) of playing four games in six hours.

Track team takes third at Desert Classic

The Payson High School boys track and field team ran, jumped and threw its way to a third-place finish at the Desert Classic Invitational meet March 5 at Queen Creek High School.

What's up?

Q: What's up with the air? Everyone I see is sneezing and congested.

Home builders should have had foresight

In regards to the "uproar" over the Door Stop and the noise that it creates. I live 8/10s of a mile from this company (shorter, if you measure as the crow flies), and never once have I heard any noise.

Jane C. Campbell

Jane Conniff Campbell, 79, of Payson, died March 5, 2004.

Ladies in PJs visit neighborhood pubs


Last Friday was the Ladies Annual Pajama Party. Seventeen woman and one very cute puppy showed up at Karen Thorton's house on Columbine Road. They all wore their pajama's, fuzzy slippers and they brought enough food to feed an army.

Mildred E. Crosbie

Mildred E. Crosbie, 82, of Payson, died Feb. 28, 2004.

Anna Sue Dattola

Paul and Sheri Dattola announce the birth of their daughter, Anna Sue, who was also welcomed by her big brother, Logan, age 21 months.

Sterling Robert Lockwood

George and Barbara Fishel announce the birth of their grandson, Sterling Robert Lockwood, born Feb. 11, 2004.

Noah Mathew Wiley

Noah Mathew Wiley was born March 2, 2004 in Ridgecrest, Calif. to Roy and CeCe Wiley.

Payson Day Spa and Salon enjoys year's growth

The first year at 815 E. Highway 260 has been filled with growth and changes for the Payson Day Spa and Salon.

Protect your pets from wildlife


There are hungry critters roaming the perimeter around the village, in particular the coyotes. I have spotted them running the Control Road and my new beagle doggie "Libby" has picked up their scent.

Hulse named Volunteer of the Year


Take Pride of Pine and Strawberry presented the Volunteer of the Year award to Vliet Hulse. Very deserving of this award, Vliet is an active volunteer dividing her time between organizations in Pine, Strawberry and in Payson.

All candidates should be congratulated

Win or lose, the candidates who sought election this week are to be congratulated.

Lady Horns come up a little short

Without long-distance running star Jenny Cohen in the lineup, the Lady Longhorns had to settle for a tie for eighth place at the Desert Classic Invitational.

Glad to see change of heart

I am glad that Ms. Callahan (a problem with Pete's Place, Feb. 24) is rethinking her "position of moving to your fair town."

Always a Longhorn at heart

Condolences continue to pour in about the sudden and tragic death of 34-year-old Payson High School assistant football coach Jack Morris.

Crews tackle middle school mold problem

The Rim Country Middle School gym was stacked full of new insulation and ceiling tiles earlier this week as a large crew from Southwest Hazard Control hurried to take advantage of spring break.

Buyers should have known neighbors

Re: Door Stop -- It seems a shame that people are giving this company a bad time, when they built the plant and gave the community employment and support.

Administrative change due

I have recently been reading the articles in your paper regarding the events taking place at the Rim Country Middle School and I cannot figure out what is happening to the small town in which I grew up.

Choose the time you travel

"People demand freedom of speech as compensation for freedom of thought which they seldom use." Kierkegaard.

Heron a special caregiver

I was appalled to learn that Marilyn Heron, PA-C has been relieved of her duties at Red Mountain Family Medicine. I am not privy to the reasons this happened, but I have known Marilyn and her husband Chuck since they came to Payson.

Voters to choose between Brewer and Chase

Barriger, Fruth and Wilson will be new council members

After counting votes cast between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., Tuesday, as well as the first ballots sent out, town clerk Silvia Smith announced the final results Thursday afternoon. There will be a run-off between mayoral candidates Barbara Brewer and Jim Chase. Barriger, Fruth and Wilson will be new council members.

Tuesday, March 9

Translating the Rim country into Latin


Instead of taking a foreign language I could use when I was in school, I took Latin.

Polly Hicks Brown was the belle of the ball


Polly Hicks Brown, the sixth child of Bellflower Carter (B.C.) and Laura Clara Powell Hicks, was born on a ranch in Waco, Texas, on July 8, 1883.

TCCA brings a special beat to the Rim country


The Silver Anniversary season of the Tonto Community Concert Association is quickly coming to a close.

Some basics for building a healthy diet


As athletes know, a carbohydrate-rich diet is key to maintaining a competitive edge, but they're not the only ones who need carbs.

Monday, March 8

Have teachers lost freedom speech?

I was writing about the article about the three teachers that were suspended on administrative leave last week.

Aurora Magnin

Aurora Magnin, 84, of Payson, died March 4, 2004.

Bush is a liar

Today the Bush/Cheney campaign for re-election started with a series of advertisements which they believe will pull them up in their sagging poll ratings.

Make a careful study before November's vote

Well, it has begun: "The 2004 Race for the White House," or perhaps more accurately, "The Battle for the White House."

Amazed at selfishness, uncaring

Friday afternoon, my friends and I decided to go see "Passion of the Christ." We were really looking forward to seeing this movie, and had decided to go to the 1 p.m. showing so that maybe we would miss some of the chaos that the later show times would bring.

Reject violence, embrace love

I was stunned into silence after seeing Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ. In the aftermath of its gory brutality, unimaginable pain and its depiction of the sacred human body as pulverized pulp, one Scripture verse kept returning to me.

Override critical to good education

I read Mr. Keyworth's article of March 2 in which Mr. Weissenfels said the Office of the Auditor General's analysis shows that (the Payson Unified School District) has its priorities straight.

Support greatly appreciated

My family and I would like to thank all the families, friends and coaches from the town of Payson who showed their support on Feb. 28 in Casa Grande at the Senior All Stars Wrestling Match.

Stop the hounding

The Passion of the Christ is a good film, which is apparently acceptable to most Christians; and it is faithful to the observations of the New Testament writers.

Let's not pay for the stupidity of others

Once again, it's a question: What came first, the chicken or the egg? But now, it's "Who"?

With Stewart verdict, the jury was right

The verdict in the Martha Stewart trial surprised a lot of people who figured those 12 people could not possibly subject America's finest hostess to potential jail time.

Justice scales sadly tipped in cases of Rodeo-Chediski

An unemployed tribal firefighter took responsibility for his actions and pleaded guilty to starting the Rodeo part of the devastating Rodeo-Chediski fire of 2002. He said he started the fire hoping to get work.

Curtis, Pulsipher to wed

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Curtis are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Brittany Curtis to Kristopher Ryan Pulsipher.

Boys, girls snubbed in all-state squads

Both the boys and girls Payson High School soccer teams were shut out when the All-Arizona squads were announced last week.

MSA benefit expected to set new high

About 30 members of the Mogollon Sporting Association are gearing up for what past president Jack Koon predicts will be the most festive banquet the organization has hosted.

Dynamic duo tapped Arizona's finest

Proof that Larry Wilbanks and Nathan Lee form the best one-two punch in Arizona High School wrestling turned up Friday morning.

Wrestling coach pins region tribute

In his rookie season as head coach of the tradition-rich Longhorn wrestling program, Rich Ormand has been selected the Class 4A Grand Canyon Region Coach of the Year.

Zumbro pitches win over AJ

The Lady Longhorn softball team will try to improve its record to 2-0 tomorrow (Wednesday) in Scottsdale against the Coronado Dons. Game time is 3:30 p.m.

The social life of dogs


Dogs are social animals. Their ancestors, the wolves, lived in large family packs with very strict rules regarding eating, entering the den and even breeding. Life was orderly. Those not happy with the rules would leave home and start their own pack or join an existing one that suited them better.

Musician brings jazz to Payson


Gerry Reynolds had been playing drums pretty much all of his life -- until the real world intervened.

Ranger District plans two burns

Two prescribed burns are scheduled for later this week if optimum temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and fuel moisture content occur.

Grammy nominee headlines Jazz Week

A return appearance by popular pianist/vocalist and Grammy nominee Judy Roberts at 6 p.m., Friday, March 19 headlines the first Jazz Week in Payson.

County considers flood options

Three families who lost their homes during the September flood that swept through Roosevelt Estates are scheduled to have their properties bought out by the county.

Primary results delayed

When town council and mayoral candidate names were not rotated on the ballot as required by state law, a second round of amended ballots were sent to registered voters. The remedy will delay the final results of the election until Thursday, said Town Manager Fred Carpenter.

Inmate grabs keys, attempts escape

An inmate at the Payson jail overpowered a female detention officer, grabbed her keys and ran for the door.

Police standoff with armed, barricaded man

Payson police responded with their tactical unit to a suicidal man barricaded in his Ash Street apartment with a high-powered rifle, equipped with a scope, Monday.

Action planned on CSP, airport committee, benefits

Adopting the town's Corporate Strategic Plan and voting on the Airport Advisory Committee top the lean agenda for Thursday's meeting of the Payson Town Council.

Exchange student discovers big country, bigger hearts

America is a big place, but exchange student Anatoliy Vyshnyakov has seen a lot of it in the eight months he's been here.

Physician believes alternatives can work as well as prescription drugs


Less than a month ago, Time magazine's cover feature was on the role of inflammation in heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer's and other diseases.

Time for a change at RCMS

I have a few questions that I believe the School Board and Mr. Weissenfels should answer regarding the failed management of the middle school.

Celebrating a lifetime

Lester and Lelah Jones were married in Claremore, Okla. March 8, 1944.

Thursday, March 4

Get serious about water now

In the Spring of 2001, the town of Payson published an "Update on Town Government" that dealt quite thoroughly with Payson's water situation. This report included recent history on 12 representative well sites, including depth to water level readings.

Pine water hearing moved back

The Arizona Corporation Commission's evidentiary hearing on the Pine Water Company rate increase has been postponed until 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 9.

Ordinance for noise pollution needed

I have resided in Payson for the past 22 years. It was a town I believed to be the place where I would want to live the rest of my life ... now I am rethinking that decision.

Moral collapse imminent

Fires, floods, tornadoes, babies slaughtered by abortionists, immoral lifestyles among the high school community, men wanting to marry men, and women wanting to marry women, politicians spewing their rhetoric vying for the oval office, leaves us wondering who we can believe.

Brewer has right stuff for mayor

It has been my pleasure and privilege to serve the citizens as a town councilor these last two years. It is a rewarding experience, both educational and stimulating. Public service is challenging and often quite difficult.

Work crews reduce fire hazards

Several Payson neighborhoods at high risk of fires have been made safer this winter through a series of joint projects making use of inmates.

Forewarned is forearmed


Precipitation amounts this winter have been disappointing in the high country, and evidence of last year's beetle activity is everywhere.

Be on the alert for elk on Highway 260


Nancy Olson, who owns Grey Hackle Lodge lives above Highway 260, said she and her husband Eric were looking out one evening around 5 p.m. and there were two large bull elk just walking down 260 as if they were taking a stroll.

Anastasia Marie Cundiff

Jonathan and Marie Cundiff are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Anastasia Marie.

Mildred Ingram/Gale Burtcher

Mildred Burtcher, 91, died Feb. 16, 2004. She was born Oct. 12, 1912 in Pawnee, Okla., to Estalla Drake and James Ingram.

Ruby L. Zona

Ruby Laurine Zona, 70, of Payson, died Feb. 27, 2004.

What's up?

Q: What's up with the resort that was planned for Christopher Creek?

Team effort aimed at cleaning up forest dumping

As the volunteers fanned out, the backhoes and other heavy equipment moved in.

Group wants immigration laws enforced

Kathy McKee, director of Protect Arizona Now, an organization working for the enforcement of immigration laws, will speak at the regular public meeting of the Citizens Awareness Committee at 2 p.m. Monday, March 8 at the Payson Public Library.

User groups unite to fight forest abuse

In every community, there is an underbelly -- a sordid side that can undermine the best intentions of the vast majority of good people.

Town to study Door Stop complaints

The town council will be hiring a sound specialist to study the Door Stop's acoustics in an effort to settle the dispute between some nearby homeowners and the business over noise levels.

Zane Grey's Arizona legacy


One of the biggest attractions for people who come to Payson from all over the world is Zane Grey and his hunting lodge. He still holds title to being one of the best selling novelists of all time, and long after his death his fans still beat a path to the Rim country. They desire to witness first hand the setting for his fertile imagination and the fabulous beauty he described.

Embarrassed by spectators

I'm embarrassed to be living in the same town as those people who stood watching a helpless person -- whether male or female, old or young -- getting beaten, without doing anything to help.

Wilbanks upends Tempe star

Longhorn wrestler Larry Wilbanks has taken a huge step toward his goal of someday earning a Division I scholarship.

RCMS teachers return

Against a backdrop of support by some students, the three Rim Country Middle School teachers placed on administrative leave by Principal Frank Larby returned to their jobs this week.

Plante life

Kaillie Plante announces the arrival of her baby brother, Trenton Tres Plante, born Feb. 16, 2004 at Darnall Army Community Hospital, Fort Hood, Texas.

New additions to the community


The Snyder family has increased by one animal. You may not know that we lost our beagle, Lily, this past summer while we were on vacation. It broke our hearts, and we have been looking for another one ever since.

Big plans for library, historic buildings


It is amazing how much is going on in our small communities of Pine and Strawberry. Anyone who says they are bored here is not paying attention.

Tonto Apaches add pocket-sized sprinter

A Rim country youth track and field team that built a nationwide reputation on the strength of its shot putters and discus throwers now has a sprinter.

Lady Horn coaches scamper to fill vacancies

There's some big cleats to fill in the Lady Longhorn softball program.

First triathlon a breeze for Rim runner

As one of the Rim country's most accomplished long-distance runners, Tanner Morgan has excelled in cross country, track and field and at several local 5K races.

Randalls net second place at Roosevelt


Local team partners Buddy and Jake Randall finished second in last week's Wonbass team tournament on Roosevelt. The pair weighed in a five-fish limit of bass over the 16-inch slot limit for a little more than 12 pounds. Even more impressive was that most of them were smallmouth bass.

Munson to join Dunn on Mesa team

When the Mesa College football team takes to the field next fall, a pair of former Longhorns will be among the Thunderbird contingent.

Senior housing -- dream of a decade becomes reality

Ten years ago, Nina Rockstrom and Vera DeBruler asked then District Superintendent for the Nazarene Church, Dr. Bill Burch, why the church did not have senior housing projects any further west than Bethany, Okla.

Great teachers a blessing

I am writing this letter to pay tribute to teachers in our Payson Schools, namely, Gloria Joe, Ginger Sparks, Louis Crabtree and also Max Foster who will retire soon. As a former teacher in PUSD for 22 years, retiring in 2002, I have known these fine educators both from a professional viewpoint and as a parent of two children who were fortunate to have these teachers in their lives.

Tuesday, March 2

Sweet, low-calorie desserts to reward your hard work


You've been watching what you eat, but you're starting to feel deprived. A dessert would be such a nice reward for all your hard work. But you don't want to spoil the effort by over-indulging.

This March, get fit and slim with good nutrition


Every year, thousands choose weight loss as their resolution for the new year. Although many give up on this goal after a few months or even weeks, don't let the idea of a slimmer waistline fade from your mind. With a renewed sense of dedication and some expert nutrition tips, a smaller pant size can be a reality.

To evolve or not to evolve


From time to time, it's good to check in on the latest goings on in the plant and animal kingdoms.

The story of John Henry Thompson


It's amazing that a man who served as a territorial sheriff longer than any other man in the United States once ranched under the Mogollon Rim.

Monday, March 1

Pack Rat: Packing the Mazatzals fulfills childhood desire


"As a young boy, I had a burning desire to go west and explore the gold mines and Indian ruins of years gone by," Kevin Leonard writes in the preface to his first book, "Ride With Me."

Life in 4A no big deal, coach says

Payson High School's move to the 4A conference Grand Canyon region is of no significance to track and field coach Chuck Hardt, his staff and athletes.

Lady Horns expect to stir old magic

The Lady Longhorns could be on a mission this spring to mold themselves into the title contenders they were when the team won 3A East region championships from 1998 to 2002.

Art league reorganizes show, tours

The Payson Art League is eliminating one of its two art and craft shows and placing greater emphasis on its annual studio tour.

Ward, Jackson wed

Mrs. Anita E. Ward announces the marriage of her eldest son, Skip, to Harriet Jackson, at The Wedding Chapel in Huntington, W.Va. at 11 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 14.

Virginia M. Zellner

Virginia May "PeeWee" Zellner, 80, of Payson, (formerly of Camp Verde), died Feb. 23, 2004.

Dayma Timpy

Dayma "Pat" Timpy, 75, of Roosevelt, died Feb. 29, 2004 in Globe.

Ralph P. Senick

Ralph Philip Senick, 80, of Strawberry, died Feb. 27, 2004 in Strawberry.

Eufemia L. Holbert

Eufemia "Effie" Lee Holbert, 67, of Arizona City, died Feb. 23, 2004. She was born Oct. 9, 1936 in Stockton, Calif.

Christine A. Haney

Christine Anna Kessler Haney, 101, known to her friends as "Dena," died Feb. 22, 2004 at Payson Care Center.

PUSD administrative costs actually low

One of the more persistent rumors regarding Payson's schools is that administrative costs are much higher than they need to be.

What's up?

Q: I have concerns about the upcoming election and the counting of the ballots. I know we received two ballots and the punch numbers are now different candidates. How can I be assured that the machine is going to count my second ballot correctly? Also, who is going to pay the $5,000?

Don't be caught off guard

After 9/11 happened, the American people were shook up and all of us thought that the terrorism was over -- then we discovered Saddam Hussein.

Life choices deserve consideration

The Senate has recently approved a measure concerning a 24-hour waiting period on abortion. If Governor Napolitano vetoes it, it will not likely pass. The East Valley Tribune quoted Paul Allvin, the governor's spokesman, as saying, "The governor's position has not changed." This statement refers to her 2002 campaign, when she said she would veto any measure with a waiting period.

Rewriting history?

The ACLU, secularists and liberals of our country are trying to remove God from our society and are attempting to rewrite the history of our country.

Slingshot a great example

Read the recent article on Malcolm Slingshot Cathcart.

Armer publicity on form questioned

My name is Kim Pound and I am a candidate for Gila County Sheriff. I am writing this letter in regard to the first Gila County Sheriff's Department Citizens Police Academy, organized by John Armer in conjunction with Gila Community College.

Wilson committed, dedicated

I am writing this letter to express my support for John Wilson, candidate for a seat on the Payson Town Council.

Time to replace the ‘coach'

This letter is in response to the article published on three teachers being placed on leave. I find it strange that faculty can't speak their opinion at a meeting with their peers. Maybe they need to be talking in the gym, and on the street, so we taxpayers know what's happening in our schools.

School administrators need civics refresher

Just read with disbelief the front-page article in Friday's paper about the three faculty members from the Rim Country Middle School who have been placed on paid administrative leave for having the temerity to express their opinions at a recent faculty!Very interesting!

Forced leave shocking

It is truly shocking that three very professional, veteran teachers at RCMS have been placed on administrative leave because they spoke up concerning next year's school schedule. I do not believe those three teachers would intentionally harass or be insubordinate to a school administrator.

New blood better for Payson

After seeing former Mayor Schum's letter to the editor I decided to send you my thoughts on the current election. would urge the citizens of Payson to look closely at the votes of those who are currently in office and seeking re-election.eeping in mind that water and roads have been the number one and two issues of not only the citizens but the so called Town Corporate Plan.

Reese story unfortunate choice

Channel 12 picked up on the Dick Reese badge flashing that became a front page headline. One has to wonder how this incident became worthy of a major TV channel coverage.

‘Last call' effort is the ‘wrong call'

Legislation currently being considered by state leaders would extend bar hours from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. -- a move that proponents say could add as much as $55 million to the state's economy.

Lady Horns trio voted all-region

Members of the Lady Longhorn basketball team gathered Feb. 25 at Tiny's Restaurant where they learned a trio of players had been selected to the Grand Canyon All-region team.

1979 champions celebrate state crown

A quarter of a century after winning the Class B state basketball championship, the Longhorn players of 1979 walked on to the America West Arena hardwood.

Two arrested for settling debt with a baseball bat

On Feb. 18, Payson police responded to a call that a man had been assaulted in his South Mudsprings home.

Spectators watch as man beaten

Several people watched as one man attacked another in front of Bashas' Saturday morning, Feb. 21.

Easy listening comes to Rim radio

There's a new sound in the air -- easy listening music from 98.5 FM KCMA LP.

Local businesses fix up, donate car to shelter

The owners of Wicks Auto Service, Payson Drive Line, CarQuest and Exclusive Refinishing donated labor and parts to fix up a 1985 Chrysler Le Baron that they donated to the Time Out Shelter.

Advisory group will have added restrictions

Councilors got a first look at the ordinance resurrecting the controversial Airport Advisory Committee at Thursday's meeting of the Payson town council.

Home Depot is coming

Home Depot is coming to Payson, and it's bringing 150 new jobs with it.

Trauma quilts deliver comfort in an emergency

If you could bottle the sound of 30 charitable women laughing and tying quilts, you'd have a comforting medicine.

Kathleen A. Thiel

Kathleen Ann Thiel, 60, of Payson, died in Payson on Feb. 28, 2004.

Coach pens poem for Jack Morris

Longhorn basketball coach Mike Loutzenheiser is not often thought of as an aspiring poet. His expertise is not poetry, it's on the hardwood and teaching math at Payson High School.

Rabies clinic makes a difference


I have just returned from 10 days away from my dogs. It was tough. These guys are such a part of my everyday life, it is just not the same without them constantly underfoot, wanting to go out and come in, reminding me of walk time and letting me know that mealtime is approaching. It is good to be home.

Giving a hand to the weary with massage


Everyone has had those days when they have felt beat up by the world -- one of those days when a comforting touch would lift the burden of weariness.