‘Last Call' Effort Is The ‘Wrong Call'


Legislation currently being considered by state leaders would extend bar hours from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. -- a move that proponents say could add as much as $55 million to the state's economy.

It's been reported that backers believe moving the clock back an hour might eliminate the rush to down drinks, and give patrons more time between them.

And, they say, it will have little or no effect on DUI statistics.

I think our legislators may have been drinking when they considered this one.

I've personally witnessed the "rush to down drinks." It happens right before 1 a.m., and, human nature being what it is, it will happen right before 2 a.m. if the measure is approved. The only thing this extension will accomplish is an increase in the number of tired drunks driving down our streets.

Instead of considering the ‘last call' legislation, I think our state leaders need a wake-up call. Their logic escapes the rational mind.

But then these are some of the same folks who recently decided a good way to ease Arizona's budget woes was to close state parks, in the process endangering the state's No. 1 economic engine.

One can only wonder what they'll come up with next -- a beer concession stand under the Tonto Natural Bridge?

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