Life Choices Deserve Consideration



The Senate has recently approved a measure concerning a 24-hour waiting period on abortion. If Governor Napolitano vetoes it, it will not likely pass. The East Valley Tribune quoted Paul Allvin, the governor's spokesman, as saying, "The governor's position has not changed." This statement refers to her 2002 campaign, when she said she would veto any measure with a waiting period.

What's so bad about a waiting period?

I'd like to encourage all of your readers to consider my viewpoint and get a letter off to Governor Napolitano immediately.

It was more than 30 years ago in Roe vs. Wade, when abortion was legalized. How many babies have been denied their right to life since 1973?

If SB 1077 passes, at least women will have all the facts, which they currently don't have when they arrive at the doctor's office. Perhaps many of those women will reconsider adoption over abortion. This measure would allow each woman to understand the procedure, the risks, and the alternatives.

The House has voted to impose the 24-hour waiting period. The Senate has also approved it with a vote of 18-11. This is a step in the right direction. I believe in pro-choice, but a woman's choice comes BEFORE a child is conceived. Women need these 24 hours to weigh the consequences of their actions.

With teenage unwed mothers up 621 percent since 1940, and a million girls carrying a baby every year, millions of lives have been taken.

There was a famous experiment that showed how girls who are confident become "shy, doubting young women." Mary Pipher wrote, "Girls stop thinking, ‘Who am I? What do I want?' and start thinking, ‘What must I do to please others?'"

In this experiment, students were asked to match the length of a line on a card to three lines drawn on another card; 99 percent of the time, girls made the correct choice. However, when seven or eight girls were told to incorrectly match the line, the naive girls, placed second to the end, went along with the group one-third of the time! They knew the selection was wrong, but did not want to be different.

This tells me that girls might be getting an abortion just to please someone else. If given 24 hours to think about it, many could choose instead to adopt.

Making relevant decisions in our country often takes a long period of time.

This is true in court before convicting someone and even with people on death row. Those cases are often reviewed for years. Is 24 hours really too long when considering a life? Please write to Governor Napolitano immediately.

Breanne Davis, 8th Grade, Rim Country Middle School

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