New Blood Better For Payson



After seeing former Mayor Schum's letter to the editor I decided to send you my thoughts on the current election. would urge the citizens of Payson to look closely at the votes of those who are currently in office and seeking re-election.eeping in mind that water and roads have been the number one and two issues of not only the citizens but the so called Town Corporate Plan.
You know the old saying.ut your money where your mouth is.hose who are now sitting in office approved the corporate plan, yet budgeted very little toward solving those supposedly serious problems; while spending much money for many wants.

Why put any of them back in office?hey had their chance and did not exercise their ability to start solving those problems.he council must direct the town staff and not the other way around.rowth has been the main theme in Payson from day one and that is the mind bend of staff and the current council. Put in new blood.hose who have not been so well trained by the system that they cannot see how they are being swayed into making someone else's decisions for them.ew blood will better represent what the citizens want and not what the corporate town wants. I would especially urge the citizens to consider Diane Sexton for mayor. had talked with her when she ran in the last election. he strikes me as a lady who will stand up for the citizens needs and not accept a half or foolish answer to a question. believe she is ready and able to make a real change in the way Payson town government responds to the citizens and their needs.t comes down to this.ut those who you know are not meeting the serious problems head on back in or select new ones that just might face up to them.One is a positive.oing the same old action and getting the same old results.r putting in new and perhaps it may get better.t least with new blood you have a chance for a real change.ith the old blood it will be the same old; same old.hen I was on council you saw me vote "no" many times in an attempt to change the town's growth mentality.ith four new people in office it could happen.

HobyHerron, Former council member

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