Time To Replace The ‘Coach'



This letter is in response to the article published on three teachers being placed on leave. I find it strange that faculty can't speak their opinion at a meeting with their peers. Maybe they need to be talking in the gym, and on the street, so we taxpayers know what's happening in our schools.

I was a substitute teacher in this district for more than a decade and have subbed in each of those teachers' classrooms. It doesn't take long for a sub to know what caliber of teachers they are filling in for. It would be a great disservice to present and future students for these teachers to be kept out of these classrooms and counseling center. Due to previous problems, and now this, maybe it's time our district takes a lesson from the sports world -- it's easier to hire one than a whole team. Time to replace the coach!

Eunice Kadow Sanders, Payson

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