Two Arrested For Settling Debt With A Baseball Bat


On Feb. 18, Payson police responded to a call that a man had been assaulted in his South Mudsprings home.

Upon their arrival, the victim was uncooperative, Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said, and the suspects had left.

"Our victim was not cooperative," Engler said. "The officers took a report about the altercation at the home."

Engler said the victim called police again, when the suspects returned to his home.

"The second time the subjects returned, they used a baseball bat," Engler said. "They assaulted the victim in his back yard and struck him on the back with the bat."

The victim was transported to Payson Regional Medical Center where he was treated and released, the lieutenant said.

"Based on witness information, we were able to identify the suspects," Engler said.

Timothy Wallis, 32, and Garrett Lanyi, 24, were arrested two days later.

"Wallis was arrested in an unrelated incident," Engler said. "He attempted to stab another person who was trying to collect a debt and was arrested for that."

Engler said Lanyi was arrested later that evening.

Officers are still unsure about the motive for the attack.

"The best we could tell there was a disagreement over a prior debt," Engler said. "They went to the victim's house on Mudsprings to settle the debt."

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