Brewer Has Right Stuff For Mayor



It has been my pleasure and privilege to serve the citizens as a town councilor these last two years. It is a rewarding experience, both educational and stimulating. Public service is challenging and often quite difficult.

I admire and respect anyone who runs for elected office. They all deserve our respect and consideration.

In my opinion, one of the primary requirements of a mayor and councilor is respect for each other's opinions and tolerance for differing viewpoints. It is our responsibility to voice our opinions with conviction based on research, constituent input and our own values. We try to come to a consensus. Sometimes that consensus cannot be reached. No one likes to lose a vote, but once it is taken, we must go forward. It is important to continue dialog even when we may disagree. That is the only way we can serve the citizens of Payson in a positive, effective and constructive way.

The mayor sets the tone for the council, making these attributes even more important. Barbara Brewer has the qualities to lead the council in this positive and forward thinking way. She remains calm, encourages dialog, is a consensus builder and is very professional. Barbara brings 7-1/2 years of experience on the council. She has been very involved, attending and participating in many meetings, including local, county and state. Barbara is respected on all these levels for her intelligence, compassion, insight and hard work.

For these reasons, and many more, I wholeheartedly endorse Barbara Brewer for mayor of Payson.

Judy Buettner, Payson

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