Ordinance For Noise Pollution Needed



I have resided in Payson for the past 22 years. It was a town I believed to be the place where I would want to live the rest of my life ... now I am rethinking that decision.

Nine years ago, I purchased a home on two acres west of the airport. I have never complained about the increase of air traffic ... I expected growth. It's a little startling when an occasional jet flies directly over my house, but I believe I have to live with them and hope not to have many go over on a daily basis. I didn't complain about plane flight paths after a plane landed in a tree a couple houses from my home one afternoon a few years ago.

I haven't complained about the licensed and non-licensed quads going up and down my street, or the occasional gunfire in the forest in back of my property.

But now, I'm angry and very frustrated at the noise I experience on a daily basis from the Door Stop factory ... and it is winter with my windows closed. I can't even imagine living here during the summertime with the windows open ... or being out on the deck to enjoy a book.

I have held off complaining because I know there are many families living closer to the noise than I do. My house is a half-mile from the Door Stop, and the noise is amazingly loud. When I first heard it, I thought it was maybe a jet warming up for takeoff. It just goes on and on and on.

By my calculations, there are more than 250 families living here in this neighborhood on the vista (all less than a mile from the Door Stop factory) plus the many families in the immediate area of the Door Stop. That is a lot of families to be affected by this noise pollution.

I am very disappointed in my town council members who would allow pollution of any kind to deteriorate our quality of life ... not to mention the value of our properties. And according to a town council member, there are no ordinances in Payson to limit noise pollution. I did not ask about air pollution and water pollution ordinances, but no one should take anything for granted like I did when I assumed noise pollution of this nature would never be allowed.

And, if an ordinance concerning noise pollution is not soon put into place, there could be 10 Door Stops in our future ... and maybe in an area where your peace is non-existent any longer.

Alice Wrobley, Payson

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