Pine Water Hearing Moved Back


The Arizona Corporation Commission's evidentiary hearing on the Pine Water Company rate increase has been postponed until 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 9.

Pine Water Company, which is owned by Brooke Utilities, filed the rate increase request on May 1. It includes a 49-percent summer rate increase of $13.42 for a customer using the summer average of 2,731 gallons per month. On top of that, all Pine Water customers would be charged a $10-a-month water exploration surcharge and also would continue to pay the cost of hauling supplemental water.

Brooke also recently amended the rate increase request to include an additional charge for water delivered via Project Magnolia pipeline.

ACC Public Information Officer Heather Murphy said the hearing could last for three days.

The hearing will be held at the ACC offices located at 1200 W. Washington in Phoenix.

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