Action Planned On Csp, Airport Committee, Benefits


Adopting the town's Corporate Strategic Plan and voting on the Airport Advisory Committee top the lean agenda for Thursday's meeting of the Payson Town Council.

"There has been some public comment on the CSP, but nothing controversial," Town Manager Fred Carpenter said. "I am hoping for a final adoption."

On the first reading of an ordinance creating an Airport Advisory Committee, the council voted on a couple issues so that Town Attorney Sam Streichman could revise the document for Thursday's vote.

Council voted that the committee be terminated in one year unless extended by a vote of the council.

Councilors Dick Wolfe, Judy Buettner, Barbara Brewer and Dick Reese felt the sunset clause was prudent due to problems with the prior advisory board.

Council voted unanimously to also limit pilot participation to 45 percent of the committee makeup.

"It seemed like they have the issues settled," Carpenter said. "The town attorney is coming back with an ordinance that includes everything he was directed to do."

Possible remedy for town's benefit quagmire?

According to Carpenter, town staff has been disappointed with their benefit consultant and wants to hire another company to get better deals on insurance coverage.

"It probably won't affect town employees, although we may change some of the provider networks and we hope it will save them some money," Carpenter said. "It could expand providers."

"Right now we have Blue Cross, but we would like to get their prices lower and a consultant has a way to do this," Carpenter said.

According to Human Resources Manager Tracy Snyder, town staff has been disappointed by some of the recommendations of the current consultant, the Mahoney Group.

"Since going self-funded ... the Human Resources Department, as well as many town employees, have had to spend much more time and energy in dealing with ‘the insurance' than should be expected," Snyder wrote. "Town employees may be better served by changing (the) benefit consultant."

Who will sell Sky Park lots?

The town owns some lots in the Sky Park development. The council will decide to either continue selling the lots themselves, or sell them to the Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation at cost.

According to Carpenter, it is easier for the PREDC to go through the process of selling the lots, rather than the town.

"It's time consuming when we sell a lot," Carpenter said. "(The PREDC) has less restrictions on the process of selling those lots. It's less cumbersome."

Executive session

The council has a lengthy executive session regarding purchase, sale or lease issues related to the ACD fueling operation at the airport and the 36 acres known as the Payson Event Center.

Details of executive sessions are confidential, but any action taken becomes public knowledge.

Regular meetings of the town council begin at 6 p.m. in council chambers at town hall and are open to the public.

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