Amazed At Selfishness, Uncaring



Friday afternoon, my friends and I decided to go see "Passion of the Christ." We were really looking forward to seeing this movie, and had decided to go to the 1 p.m. showing so that maybe we would miss some of the chaos that the later show times would bring.

First, let me explain that the earliest you could get your ticket was 12:30 p.m. for this show. We got there at 12:30 p.m., got our tickets and found our seats. Sitting in front of us was an older couple. On the left side of them were three empty seats, and to their right, two empty seats. In came a group of four people trying to find seats, mind you, it was still 20 minutes before the show was to start. They politely asked the couple in front of us if they could move over one seat to their right so that they could all sit together. The man very rudely responded: "No, you should have come earlier, like us."

The other gentleman replied with, "Thanks a lot, you're a real nice guy." My friend then (unable to keep quiet) stated, "It's a good thing that we are all Christians here to see a movie about Jesus."

In my opinion she could not have said it more perfectly. In the outcome, I am sad to say that this group of four people had to split up to watch the movie.

A few minutes later, while getting snacks, I was visiting with one of the employees about what had just occurred. It surprised me to find out that they have had more problems and complaints from people coming to see this movie than any other.

She said many times they have had people sitting in the handicapped seats refusing to move for people in wheel chairs. How sad is that?

Let me tell you that this is an outstanding movie. Not only was it violent and heart-wrenching, but it was moving and beautiful. After leaving the movie, I could not quit thinking about how selfish and uncaring people can be.

Jesus gave up everything; he gave up his life for us, and it is very sad to think that someone couldn't give up a seat.

Carla Carter, Payson

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