Inmate Grabs Keys, Attempts Escape


An inmate at the Payson jail overpowered a female detention officer, grabbed her keys and ran for the door.

The escape attempt took place Tuesday, March 2, while the inmate, Frank Mathew Carey, Jr., 33, of Payson was allowed out of his cell to use the jail library.

"He had been (in Payson) for court on that day and was temporarily out of his cell when he assaulted a female detention officer," Capt. Jim Eskew of the Gila County Sheriff's detention facilities said.

"He didn't really get anywhere. A male detention officer overpowered him and he and was immediately put back in his cell."

"The female officer was sent to the hospital for very minor injuries -- scrapes and bumps -- but was treated and released," Eskew said.

Carey was originally placed in county detention facilities Nov. 29 on charges of forgery and credit card theft.

"The charges that he came in on were really somewhat minor. He probably would have been out in 30 days, but he is now facing several years of other time," Eskew said.

In addition to the original forgery and theft charges, Carey is now charged with aggravated assault of a detention officer, attempted escape first degree using physical force, and robbery (for the keys).

"I can't explain why he would have done this," Eskew said. "We're investigating whether or not it was a planned escaped. If it was, that will be even worse."

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