Let's Not Pay For The Stupidity Of Others



Once again, it's a question: What came first, the chicken or the egg? But now, it's "Who"?

1. When were the airport and the industrial park set aside by the town council?

2. When did real estate developers decide that that was prime land to develop for homes?

3. When did buyers buy or build homes in that vicinity without a forward look to expansion?

4. When did the old saying "caveat emptor" go out of style? "Let the buyer beware!!"

Now, Payson is expected to foot the bill for studies, consultants, changes in approach and departure lanes for planes (some time ago) and all the other reasons for complaints from residents who, for some reason, thought they would find peace and quiet in the general area of the sources of their complaints.

The same thing happened in Chicago near the old Douglas Airfield ... and then it became the Eddie O'Hare airport.

I bought a home on Forest Drive not far from the Beeline and later I sold it -- not because of sound, but because, physically, I could not keep up the outside as well as I would like.

When, if ever, will people learn? And, when will the residents of Payson not have to pay for other peoples' stupidity?

And we wonder where do our taxes go?

Virginia M. Fowler, Payson

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