Physician Believes Alternatives Can Work As Well As Prescription Drugs



Less than a month ago, Time magazine's cover feature was on the role of inflammation in heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer's and other diseases.

The information was not news to Dr. Garry Gordon of Payson.


Dr. Garry Gordon has lived in Payson for 10 years. He moved his work, Gordon Research and Longevity Plus, to the area five years ago and is now opening a retail operation for supplements he feels can treat most ills.

The world-renowned advocate and practitioner of complementary -- or alternative -- medicine has worked for decades researching and developing nutritional supplements that address many ills, but he started by trying to find something to help himself.

He developed heart disease in his late 20s and had to stop his medical practice. Gordon changed careers, becoming a radiologist. But he continued to look for a solution for his own health problems. His research led him to the field of chelation therapy. Chelation refers to the ability of certain chemicals to bind with calcium, iron and other metals, and remove them from the body, explains Dr. William Campbell Douglass in the introduction to Gordon's book, written with Dr. Morton Walker, "The Chelation Answer."

He said leading authorities have now come to the conclusion he has had held for many years, it doesn't take a plumber to treat heart disease, the blood is what must be treated.

"I have nine pills ... the blood becomes as thin as it is in menstruating women," Gordon said. "And everybody knows they never get heart attacks. They're protected." He said this therapy has worked for two million patients who have been able to avoid bypass surgery recommended to them by other doctors.

He did not stop with finding a way to address heart disease.

"Every disease, no matter what's wrong with anybody, if I have the time I can find an alternative," Gordon said.

He believes nutritional supplements can work like prescription drugs at a fraction of the cost.

All new drugs now cost up to $1.7 billion to get approved (by the government), he said. "People are more and more tired of paying thousands of dollars to stay alive. The system is getting out of control.

"We've taken these nutritional supplements and make them work like drugs," Gordon said.

The products he advocates are not only those he has developed over the years. One of these, Wobenzym N, is the widest selling anti-inflammatory in Germany, after aspirin. He said the use of the supplement substantially reduces the healing time. It has had $60 million in research conducted on it.

Beyond Chelation, Wobenzym N and the other alternatives available through Longevity Plus have no side effects, other than a little gas, he said.

For years other demands on his time made it impossible to open his Payson practice to his neighbors, but now the business he consults for, Longevity Plus, is retailing supplements to the community.

The business is at 708 E. Highway 260, Building C-2 and is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Gordon conducts a personal practice still. He spends an hour with each patient, the cost is $300. If the patient's doctor participates, the cost is half that.

His web site,, has 4,000 pages with information to help people treat themselves if they can't afford the cost of a personal consultation.

For more about the supplements, the needs they meet, or to make an appointment with Gordon, call (928) 474-3684.

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