Primary Results Delayed


When town council and mayoral candidate names were not rotated on the ballot as required by state law, a second round of amended ballots were sent to registered voters. The remedy will delay the final results of the election until Thursday, said Town Manager Fred Carpenter.

Tom Irvine, the special attorney hired by the town to fix the blunder, emphasized that every vote would be counted.

"This may be the first time ever that you can vote twice," Irvine told the town council. "If you vote twice, the second ballot will be counted. If you only voted once using the (first) ballot, that will be counted. Everyone's vote will be counted."

Ballots are due at town hall no later than 7 p.m. tonight, said Town Manager Fred Carpenter.

"Walk it in," Carpenter said. "A post mark is not going to help now."

According to Carpenter, all the second, revised ballots will be counted tonight.

"The results will be very preliminary," Carpenter said. "If 98 percent of the people voted new ballots then those results will be pretty accurate, but that may not be the case."

According to Town Clerk Silvia Smith, they have received 1900 original ballots at town hall.

"Some people may have voted the first ballot and second ballot. Some people may have only voted the first ballot, so it's going to take another day or two to get that all sorted out," Carpenter said.

Final results of the election are now scheduled to be announced at 2 p.m., Thursday in council chambers at town hall.

The Roundup will post Tuesday's preliminary vote count on Wednesday on our website at

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