Administrative Change Due



I have recently been reading the articles in your paper regarding the events taking place at the Rim Country Middle School and I cannot figure out what is happening to the small town in which I grew up.

I have been making plans for the past few years to eventually move back to Payson in order to raise my family because I enjoyed my time growing up there so much. big part of that enjoyment was the school system. Teachers that made lasting impressions on my life and on my character were present throughout my school years.ome of these teachers are still present to this day in your schools, and some are not.t's one of those that is not that I would like to discuss in relation to what is happening at the RCMS.

Mike McCourtney was my calculus teacher at Payson High School.e started my senior year, and, as I recall, that is the only year that he taught in Payson at the request of the school administration. After a year of calculus with McCourtney, I took and passed the college AP calculus exam before going to college.his earned me three college credits prior to even starting college.

I felt that the administration did not know what they had lost when I heard the news of McCourtney leaving town and I wondered how they could justify losing such a powerful teacher.

Most of the rest of the teachers that have impacted my life are still working in your school system, but judging by the climate that I have read about lately, how long are they going to stay? So now the RCMS administration decides to take freedom of speech away from three veteran teachers at the middle school for voicing their opinions or concerns. As a future parent of a child in the Payson School District I ask of the current parents in town, what type of middle school administration do you have that hurts its top performers? In the business world, top performers are a source of experience and knowledge and they are treated with is no respect in silencing a person's freedom of speech because it is contrary to what you would like to hear. If theCMS administration cannot figure this out, then maybe it is time for a change in administration.

David M. Sparks, P.E., Phoenix

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