Choose The Time You Travel



"People demand freedom of speech as compensation for freedom of thought which they seldom use." Kierkegaard.

Since the average human brain is several times larger than the average human tongue and vocal chords, the implication should be obvious.

First: Regarding weekend traffic -- many people who live or work in Payson have relatively flexible schedules. This means they could easily avoid being in high traffic areas at high traffic times. Make a better choice. For example, if you are retired, do your shopping during low traffic periods.

Second -- regarding artificial turf at town hall: This product allows water to pass through it while preventing erosion. It also recharges the aquifer where "our" water comes from. It does not require maintenance, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, or other biocides all of which go into the same aquifer with the rain water to poison us. The only thing better, in my opinion, is natural vegetation and/or ground cover which requires no maintenance or watering.

Third: Regarding non-humans -- I am hoping that this part of the letter will encourage an intelligent response from someone who takes into account moral and ethical considerations when answering the following questions:

Why is it OK to kill and eat elk and not OK to kill and east domestic canines? Why is it OK to use big cats (mountain lions) for target practice and not OK to use little (house) cats for the same purpose? Why has the human species become so arrogant as to believe the ludicrous idea that we are God's favorite species, therefore, we can do as we damn well please with every other species on this planet with no consequences?

Mike Voden, Payson

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