County Closes Book On Old Maintenance Yard


Gila County has spent a decade monitoring surface water and soil at its old maintenance yard on the west side of Star Valley.

The site is now part of Chaparral Pines and the county is ready to part ways with it once and for all. The matter was part of the Board of Supervisors' meeting March 9.

"We leased the land and buildings from the Forest Service," District 1 Supervisor Ron Christensen said. "When we moved off the site, we did tests to check for contamination and found evidence of diesel fuel," Christensen said. "We had the site excavated and tested and used the material for landfill cover."

He said the contamination was very minimal and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality said the county had done more than was necessary. To make sure the contamination problem had been eliminated, the county put a testing well on the site.

"It is about 30 feet deep and for years nothing showed up," Christensen said.

Now the county wants to close off the well and be done with the site.

"We've been monitoring it for 10 years, so something should have surfaced," he said. "ADEQ has no problem with (the plan)."

In other recent business of the county supervisors:

  • To implement the need food-working training regulations, fees have been established for certification. It will cost $15 for a Food Worker Training Certification Card; $5 for a Manager Certification Training Card; and $1 for a Replacement Food Worker Training Card.
  • To facilitate a Gila County clean up, there will be free dump days at the Buckhead Mesa Landfill April 17 and 18, the fee will be waived for residential users, but not for commercial haulers.
  • Judge Robert Duber's recommendations for Judges Pro Tempore have been approved: Peter J. DeNinno, J. Dee Flake, Arthur E. Lloyd and Barry A. Standifird for the Payson and Globe Regional Justice Courts.

County dedicates Hardt highway

The supervisors recently declared Senator Hardt Highway in memory of the late Senator A.V. "Bill" Hardt. The new Senator Hardt Highway is Highway 188, from Globe to its junction with Highway 87.

Hardt served the residents of Gila County for many years. He was elected to the State House for two terms, starting in 1966, then was elected to the Senate in 1968, where he served until retiring in 1996.

Hardt came to Globe in 1933 to work with the Civilian Conservation Corps. He also worked in the mines and had his own business, Unique Sporting Goods, for more than 25 years.

He entered politics in the 1950s, serving on the Globe City Council for one term and as mayor of Globe for three terms.

Hardt died Aug. 1, 2001 at the age of 94.

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