Glad To See Change Of Heart



I am glad that Ms. Callahan (a problem with Pete's Place, Feb. 24) is rethinking her "position of moving to your fair town."

Payson already has more than our fair share of underemployed people, who devote that excess time to telling the rest of us how to live.

Now, we have an "anti-constitutionalist" threatening to come to town. We shouldn't "hide behind the Constitution," we should do what Ms. Callahan thinks is "moral." Where do we get such guidance before the fact? Or, do we have to run to Ms. Callahan, or any number of people I can think of who would rally behind her, to get moral guidance on a daily, or hourly, basis?

I thought that was the point of having a Constitution, and a rule-of-law, so that one knew before the fact what was legal, and what wasn't.

I still think it is best that way. So, Ms. Callahan better stay in Needham where they apparently make up the rules as they go along.

Dan Adams, Payson

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