Heron A Special Caregiver



Re: Marilyn Heron

I was appalled to learn that Marilyn Heron, PA-C has been relieved of her duties at Red Mountain Family Medicine. I am not privy to the reasons this happened, but I have known Marilyn and her husband Chuck since they came to Payson. Both of them are assets to this community. I have had the privilege of working with Marilyn and the privilege of being her patient. Obviously, I am not alone, as she was just voted one of Payson's Best "Doctors". Everyone knows she isn't an M.D., but she is one of the best caregivers in Rim country. She is caring, approachable and interested.

If I need to see her today, I am able to do so, even if she stays late. She, or her staff, have always returned my calls in a timely manner with a solution to the problem. I have never felt like I am intruding or interrupting when I contact her. There are many people in Rim country who need her services and her special brand of caring. I hope a local physician snaps her up in a minute, so we can continue to have her as our health care provider.

Jean Oliver, Payson

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