Home Builders Should Have Had Foresight



In regards to the "uproar" over the Door Stop and the noise that it creates. I live 8/10s of a mile from this company (shorter, if you measure as the crow flies), and never once have I heard any noise.

I have left my windows open (weather allowing) and still no noise.

However, what is annoying are the low-flying aircraft over my home on early Saturdays and Sundays. There is a constant noise of these aircraft, some so low that you can tell what color clothes the occupants are wearing. There have been occasions that they have been so low that the windows will rattle from the vibration of their engines.

Why does the town of Payson have to hire someone to record the noise level at a company that helps out the economy of Payson by providing jobs -- just because a small group of homeowners did not have the foresight to realize that they were building their luxury homes in/near an industrial area?

Yet, they do not seem to care that "their airplanes" are a nuisance to the homes in the area. If they had considered that someday there might be industrial sites where they were building their luxury homes, perhaps they would not have built there and then perhaps we would not have the problem of the noise from their planes flying low over our homes and property!

Barbara Rasmussen, Payson

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