Ladies In Pjs Visit Neighborhood Pubs



Last Friday was the Ladies Annual Pajama Party. Seventeen woman and one very cute puppy showed up at Karen Thorton's house on Columbine Road. They all wore their pajama's, fuzzy slippers and they brought enough food to feed an army.

The women who went out for an evening of fun were Sam Conklin, Diane Davis, Margo Holmes, Beverly Nethken, Olive Matus, Karen Thorton, Nancy Olson, Debbie Farrell, Sally Wright, Michelle Grundy, Shelly Hanson, Rhea Hoedle, Marcia Delessardro, Paula Hall, Ann Ballantine, Olive's cute dog Sasha and myself.


Attending the Ladies Pajama Party in Christopher Creek were Sasha the dog, Shelly Hanson, Sally Wright, Sam Conklin, Debbie Farrell, Rhea Hoedl, Diane Davis, Michelle Grundy, Olive Matus, Margo Holmes, Karen Thorton, Ann Ballantine, Paula Hall, Marcia Dalessardro, Nancy Olson, Jerry Pertridge, and Beverly Nethken.

Margo Holmes was the only one who showed up in curlers. Karen Thorton had a pair of slippers with hearts that lit up and Nancy Olson had a pair of bear claw slippers with nail polish on the nails. Rhea Hoedle had a pair of frog slippers but no prince, although she did have a pair of bikinis that played music, so I think she was looking for a prince.

This was the first year a man showed up in his pajamas. John Marksbury was the DJ at the Landmark and he showed up in his pajamas to fit in with the ladies. Margo Holmes said when they arrived at Creekside there was a couple from Monterey, Calif., who wanted to know if they should pay extra for the entertainment. They were having so much fun they were thinking of moving to Christopher Creek.

All in all, it turned out to be a fun night as always.

Street Rod Car Show

If there are any vendors who would like to sell their wares, May 15 and 16 will be the first Invitational Street Rod Car Show in Christopher Creek and they are looking for vendors. If you are interested, call Debbie Aschbrennar at (928) 478-4550.

Christopher Creek's Candy Hart came in first at the ladies nine-ball tournament Tuesday with Phyliss Mullen second and Suzanne Shill coming in third.

Next tournament will be Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Landmark if you want to have some fun just show up.

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