Mayor's Race Heads To Run-Off

3 councilors elected in primary


A crowd gathered at Payson Town Hall yesterday afternoon to hear the final results of the primary election.

After counting votes cast between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., Tuesday, as well as the first ballots sent out, town clerk Silvia Smith announced the final results Thursday afternoon.

"There will be a run-off between mayoral candidates Barbara Brewer and Jim Chase," Smith said. "George Barriger, Tim Fruth and John Wilson will be our new council members."

Brewer, with 1,967 votes was about 125 votes shy of a concise victory. Chase followed with 1,045 votes.

Mayor Ken Murphy got 624 votes, and Diana Sexton, 529.

Barriger received 2,436 votes, Wilson, 2,736 votes, and Fruth pulled in 3,275 votes. Randall came in last with 1,960 votes.

Brewer sat nervously, hoping she could avoid another election.

"Whatever happens, I can handle it," Brewer said, her mother by her side.

"I came to see if I need to put the signs back up," Brewer's husband, Sam, joked.

Fruth, the candidate with the highest votes, stopped in to hear the tally before leaving on vacation to Mexico.

"I'm really humbled by the support I have received," Fruth said. "It's a big responsibility and I am looking forward to the challenge."

Brewer is the town's current vice mayor. Chase is a former town councilor. The two will face a run-off election on May 18.

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