Quilts Were Precious Gifts



Re: Shoofly Quilters and Payson Community Kids

On Jan. 25, following our weekly after-church kids' lunch, the Payson Community Kids were presented with unique and varied treasures to have and hold for a lifetime. The talented stitchers of Shoofly Quilters of Payson, Arizona hand-crafted and sewed nearly 30 kid-sized quilts, labeled "Made Especially for You", and named for each child in our main group. These quilts are absolutely beautiful -- real works of art.

The expressions of these children were priceless as they were given his or her own quilt. Each pattern delighted each child; flower motifs, inlaid stripes, horse themes, wildlife suited for the boys. Bold, sturdy, whimsical, these quilts are much more than "Oh, gee, a blanket." Not only do we thank the Shoofly Quilters, but we want this dear group to know how much their quilts are appreciated.

It was as if each quilt was meant for each separate personality. No "sibling rivalry" between all those children -- just happiness and excitement as one at a time the quilts were presented. Our Payson Community Kids have enjoyed the lessons of several local artists -- they know art when they see it. They are always hand-crafting their own community projects and realize the time invested in a job well done.

These kids are responsible and take care of their gifts and acquisitions. Watching these youngsters feel the textures, compare the colors, marvel at the construction, patterns and stitchings of their quilts, we could see their wonderment of the age-old art of quilting. Age-old to some of us, but a whole new media of creativity to them!

Marcy Rogers, Terry, Bobby and I, along with all of Our Kids, and several visiting volunteers, were so very impressed with the Shoofly quilts, and we say, "Thank you for the warmness of your hearts for making these warm, precious gifts for our Payson Community Kids."

On behalf of Marcy and the Payson Community Kids.

Ellenja Hayes, Payson

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