Can't We Do Something About Barking Dogs?



To Christy Wrather and Payson paper -- I always read your column. I think that you do a great job and most are very interesting and helpful for the animals.

However, there is a major problem of barking dogs in Payson.

I know it and so do the Payson Police. Much of their time is spent going out and trying to take care of this unnecessary problem. I was told this firsthand from a Payson officer.

Yes, we have an animal control officer, but he only works certain hours, so in the evening and nighttime hours the police are called out(i.e the hours that the control officer is at home and off duty).

Now that the temperatures are warming up and people will be spending more time outside and even sleeping with some windows open, we really don't want to lay there listening to a bunch of barking dogs. And believe me there are always more than one barking at a time.

I guess I'm begging you to please help most of the people of Payson and the police department out. Please, at least print a column on the topic of dog owners taking responsibility of their dogs and make an effort to keep their dogs barking to a minimum.

I think you know what I'm asking. So I'm begging for your help!

Earl Acklin, Payson

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