Don't Put Cabin In Green Valley Park



Re: Zane Grey Cabin Site

Green Valley Park is -- well, it's a park. It is a delightful oasis of guilt-free green grass, open spaces, shade trees and walking paths. Townspeople go there to appreciate the outdoors and the wildlife, to fish or boat, to celebrate a birthday or holiday, sometimes even a wedding. It's a calming nature park.

Why must we sacrifice the park grounds for the construction of the Zane Grey Cabin? Surely, there is another site more appropriate. What about Historic Main Street? With its history theme and its destination-oriented goal, Historic Main Street would seem more suitable than the park for another historic building. Main Street would offer better tourist accessibility, as well as a parking solution.

The proposed site at Green Valley Park is adjacent to several already existing buildings in the park. On weekends and holidays, parking is at a premium. The site is also right next to the newly-planted Christmas tree and the parade area where the townspeople come to sing carols, light the tree and watch the parade. Where will they stand if the cabin is placed there?

When Green Valley Park was built, money was spent to clear and grade the land to create the peaceful grace of nature that we see today when we visit. Is our only option to undo all that work, dig up the park, and interrupt that view with another building?

History has its place. The Zane Grey Cabin will be a town asset, but let Green Valley Park remain a town park.

Betsy Quinn, Payson

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