Excessive Ticketing Causes Fear



I, like most people in town, have witnessed the excessive ticketing of individuals since the new full-time traffic position was started. It seems overwhelming.

I, too, became an individual receiving a ticket from this overzealous officer. I, however, contested my ticket and won. The street running between the Julia Randall Elementary School and the Green Valley Park/ Museum, while heading south, had not been properly posted with speed limit signs. I have seen several people receiving tickets in the same place and would like for them to know that because of the lack of speed limit signs, one may not be able to tell if they were in a 15 mph zone or a 25 mph zone.

I've been told by many individuals that they've received tickets from this officer for only 2-3 mph over the speed limit. One person actually received his ticket for 1 mph over the speed limit. Give me a break!

This officer also likes to hide in areas of sloping terrain assuring you a ticket since you may not have enough time to sufficiently slow down before he nails you. This same officer has publicly stated that he doesn't give tickets to people for anything less than 5 mph over the speed limit. I believe they would say that's lying. How do you trust an officer that is willing to make false statements?

Personally, I believe that we have a wonderful police force here in Payson, and they do their jobs well in protecting and serving the community. What I don't like is the fear I've been feeling if I am going a couple of miles over the speed limit while trying to slow down. I never know where this officer will be and driving in this town has become uncomfortable for me. It doesn't help when you are trying your best to obey the speed limit signs and you have someone on your bumper, flashing their lights, honking their horn, or even worse, cursing you because you're in their way. If they only knew what I already know.

Kristi L. Horn, Payson

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