Leaders Need To Help Us Be The Best



About the schedule for exploratories this year.

I know the school year is almost over. This is mostly about the music program. I know this, because I am in the chorus and I am the drum major of the band. This has been bothering me for some time now.

The schedule is affecting the ability of the band and chorus greatly. Last school year, the band and chorus were awesome. This was because we had band and chorus every day. This school year, we have band and chorus every other day. I mean we were really good, and we are still good now; we just are not as good as we used to be. And, that bothers me greatly. We are having to try several different ways to fix this problem in class, including getting new music every weekend, and learning over the weekend. We have tried almost everything to help, especially the band, and nothing has quite seemed to be working. I personally think that more band and chorus days would do the trick. I like being the best we all can be, but it would help enormously if we had band and chorus every day again. I just want the administration to think about that.

Kaitlyn Phylow, Eighth-grade, Rim Country Middle School

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