One Lucky Town To Call Home



You might label this one, "Small Town Blessings."

Today began quite as usual with an appointment for a cavity repair. Dr. Rush was so kind and caring. 50 percent of my old molar was gone, but 50 percent was still there. There was 0-percent pain. I remarked to myself, "What a nice man!"

I went on to Foxworth-Galbraith. I have been put in a unique position of asking for a donation of sidewalk paint. Even though I have never met him before, the general manager, Klay Clawson, listened to my story and donated the paint. I thought, again, "Such a nice man!"

I went on to the Payson library and, along the way, I heard a strange sound as I drove. I thought I had maybe punctured a tire, but the car continued to act correctly. On the way back, I noticed that someone had lost a hubcap for it was laying on the sidewalk by the high school.

I continued on to Plant Fair Nursery. My maple tree had developed some type of injury that needed attention. I consulted a very caring clerk, Kathy, who advised me that my tree had been attacked by a fungus. She carefully instructed me on how to take care of my prized tree. She also advised me on fighting one of my most stubborn weeds, "hen bit." I left thinking to myself how nice it was to have someone care so much about my plants.

On the way back to my car, I noticed that one of my hubcaps had fallen off. Ah! It might have been the hubcap by the high school. I went back to see if it were still there. It was. As I went to retrieve it, I found it to be mine. A gentleman across the street said that he had convinced some children to leave it there, thinking that someone may need it back. What a nice man!

So, you see, my luck doesn't happen at the casino, or at drawings out of a hat. My luck has to do with living in such a caring place as Payson, Ariz. Thank you all!

Vicki Ladewski, Payson

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