Predc Should Have To Bid On Property



This is an open letter to the Honorable Mayor and Town Council, Town of Payson

Re: Article 3/9/2004 Payson Roundup, "Who will sell Sky Park lots?"

The gifting of the value, in addition to what the lots cost the town, when offered to the public, is against the law according to Scott Flake of the Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation.

I learned this when I offered to buy some of the town's surplus property at Sky Park last year. The restrictions placed upon the sale of the property to High Country Hangars were so burdensome, it would not be feasible to invest the money the town wanted for the lots and make a profit too.

Why and how is the town's money being given to the PREDC, and for what?

I guess if I do business in Payson long enough, I will learn every way to get rid of nuisance property the town owns. As a member of High Country Hangars L.L.C., the property was sold by public auction. I do not, and probably never will, understand the deal with The Door Stop giveaway. Now, the town wants to give away money again, to the PREDC which just received grant money from Gila County to continue operation. High Country Hangars did purchase surplus lots at Sky Park at town's cost.

According to the quote by Town Manager Fred Carpenter, "It's time consuming when we sell a lot." Well, it is time consuming for the buyer also.

Before any transfer of town property in Sky Park is made at town cost to the PREDC, High Country Hangars L.L.C. insists the lots be sold at public auction, at which time the PREDC can bid on the property like the rest of us.

What is next, eminent domain condemnations by the town for the benefit of the PREDC to sell for profit?

I support the work of the PREDC in helping the business climate in Payson, but not selling town property for a profit.

Paul Pristo, Managing Member, High Country Hangars L.L.C.

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