Speeding Toward Higher Death Toll


Rural interstate drivers may be able to go 80 mph in the near future -- legally.

The Arizona Senate approved a bill that will allow the Arizona Department of Transportation to increase the 75 mph limit, if its experts determine road conditions warrant it.

The measure applies only to rural interstates -- those roads that have an "I" before the number: I-40; I-17; I-10; I-8; etc.

According to a report in The Arizona Republic on the issue, the bill's sponsor, Sen. Thayer Verschoor, said the increase makes sense because most people drive 80 mph already.

If motorists drive 80 mph already when it is illegal to do so, won't they just drive faster when the speed limit is raised? And if so, will the speed limit be raised again?

Give them an inch, and they'll take a mile.

Is a higher speed limit really a benefit to anyone? It seems there would be more hazards driving on roads where people are racing along close to 100 mph. With more hazards you most likely will have more wrecks, giving rise to more highway injuries, disabilities and deaths.

The 80 mph law is laying the groundwork to give this state another black mark in the annals of state stupidity. At 80 mph. we would have the highest interstate speed limit in the country. If the 80 mph is approved, we'll likely be speeding toward the highest interstate traffic death toll per capita.

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