What Other Country?



We do a lot for illegals.

What other country puts water stations outside their borders to help illegals enter the country illegally?

What other country can you sue if they don't put water stations everywhere the illegals are coming by as they sneak along the borders?

What other country can you enter illegally and then receive any medical care needed?

What other country can you enter illegally, have a baby born in a good hospital, becoming a citizen, and then can legally bring in the rest of the family to be supported most often by welfare checks?

What other country lets illegals drive and without insurance too?

What other country gives such good room and board in jail when arrested until they are released or returned to Mexico?

What other country lets illegals vote? It's easy when registration and voting can be done by mail.

What other country has the English language everywhere on all important papers and information as we do with the Spanish language?

What other country can you come into illegally and collect welfare checks, food stamps, etc. immediately?

In closing, I might add the illegals know that if they are picked up for any infraction they will be treated well in our jails until they are either released or sent back to Mexico. How do the Mexicans treat Americans in their jails?

We need signatures on our petition to put the Arizona Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act on the ballot in Arizona. The full initiative is on our website at www.pan2004.com. Basically, it requires proof of citizenship to register to vote in Arizona and proof of citizenship or other federally-mandated eligibility to receive public benefits.

Norma Foxen, Payson

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