Will Families Be Allowed To Grow With Payson?


Saturday, I was at the Sawmill Theatre to oversee the Roundup-sponsored family movie event. I was pleased to see a sold-out theater filled with children and their parents who came to watch the Disney animated film Brother Bear.

I would like to personally thank the movie theater staff, management and owners for bringing family films to Payson and allowing for special discount events and matinees.

Some of our readers may remember family nights at the old Payson Picture Show on East Bonita Street. Every Monday night, families would gather for a discounted family movie. It was almost always a full house, with children scattering to sit with friends and relatives.

It's not easy for businesses to offer family entertainment in Payson. Many business owners have struggled as they try to maintain miniature golf, toy stores, or batting cages.

While family businesses struggle, Payson has seen the rise of more adult-related entertainment. And as Payson grows, many families are concerned about what will be available and the influence adult businesses will have on our community.

The honest answer is that we, as a community, determine what type of businesses will grow here. Are we cultivating fertile ground for adult bookstores and x-rated video theaters? Or are we planting seeds for more family-related entertainment? Where we invest our time and money will determine if a business blossoms or withers away.

We must ask ourselves, are we investing in things that will help attract and retain families in Payson? Are we willing to help fund school programs, parks, and recreation facilities?

As Payson grows, I hope we will look to the future and plan to allow families to grow along with it. It takes an investment by everyone, not just the parents.

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