Be A Good Follower Before Leading



What would you do with an employee who seemed to please the customers, but had no respect for you as their boss, and constantly complained over a period of years? I would guess that eventually the employee would move on and the boss would not cry at their departure.

But, in the school system, teachers are given what is called "tenure" and cannot be dismissed without extreme grievance against them. I would guess it would make the job of the principal that much more difficult if they do not have the support of these "tenured" teachers.

We all have first amendment rights, but there comes a time when you have to follow what your boss says or leave.

Secondly, when you have teachers that have such open disrespect for the principal and the leadership -- what kind of an example are they setting for their students? There has long been a concern with parents of children entering Junior High or Middle School -- part of that may be attributed to the difficult age that the students are at ... but perhaps some of it may come from seeing their teachers exhibit a lack of respect for those in authority over them (not just the principal, but the school board as well).

Many teachers are a great influence for good over their students. In order for them to earn respect from their students, they must show respect to their superiors. You must know how to be a good follower before you can be a good leader. You really cannot look at these issues from one side without fairly considering the other side.

Nancy Gartner, Payson

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