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Re: Home Depot

I decided to work for Home Depot a few years ago in a part-time capacity. Only intended to stay for a year, five years later my income level reached a point where the part-time job was not needed. My experience was fantastic, a great company with wonderful benefits. This will be great for the employees and customers alike. As to the competition, like the saying goes, competition is good for business.

Re: Dr. Seuss Celebration

(Tuesday night), my 10-year-old son and I spent two wonderful hours celebrating Dr. Seuss and the joy of reading at the Payson Public Library. There was a wonderful turnout of parents and children of all ages and I would like to send a big note of thanks to the library staff and volunteers for the enjoyable evening. Also I must commend Richard Haddad for his unbridled and enthusiastic reading of some of Dr. Seuss' stories. They were certainly a hit. We are already looking forward to next year.

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