Traffic Enforcer Giving Pd Black Eye



Traffic enforcer -- is he a hindrance, or a man with a mission?

It seems that a lot of people are very upset with the actions of a certain policeman, and his antics about giving every person in Payson a traffic ticket. It is too bad that Gordy Gartner and Don Engler have to take the brunt of this man's crusade.

I have lived here in Payson for 15 plus years, and have watched our police department grow as we developed officers like Mamero, Garvin, Engler, Montgomery, just to name a few, who have given time back to our town through their sponsorship of various programs, and must be commended over and over for their efforts.

Now, as other letters to the Roundup have stated, we have this traffic ticket maniac who stops everyone, is rude when he approaches you in your car, and acts like it is his just cause to ticket everyone in town. It is a shame that the whole police department must have a black eye because of the actions of one officer. I can see, and understand, why we need traffic violations and tickets to help generate revenue, but what's happened to a warning ticket? Now, it's just, "Here. Go pay. Have fun with your new insurance rates."

Dave Crowell, Payson

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