News for Monday, March 22, 2004



Hire another traffic enforcer

In reference to Mail Call letter, Friday, 19 March 04, regarding the traffic enforcer giving PD a black eye.

Brush fire goes astray at Rumsey Park

Payson residents got an early whiff of what could be a nasty fire season when smoke filtered into their homes Monday afternoon from a prescribed burn that briefly raged out of control at Rumsey Park.

Town holds session on forest health

Payson's role in achieving forest health is the topic of a work session the town council will hold at 5 p.m. Thursday preceding its meeting.

'Substantial leads' in Eastman homicide

The Payson Police Department and the Gila County Sheriff's Office are following what they call "substantial leads" in the murder of 56-year-old Payson resident, Ira Eastman.

Override election set

The special budget override election for the Payson Unified School District has been officially set for May 18.

Homeland security on council agenda

The Payson town council will vote on an agreement that will result in funds to enhance homeland security. The agreement for grant money is one item on a very short agenda describing Thursday's meeting of the council.

Party fetes third edition of 'the brown book'

Affectionately referred to as "the brown book," it's been the definitive work on the Rim country's colorful past for the two decades since it was first published.

Jazz brunch benefits shelter

A Payson Humane Society jazz piano brunch fund-raiser will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, March 28 at Mad Dawg's and Mel's Restaurant on Main Street.

Payson High School graduate spends 371 days in Iraq


As protesters demonstrated against the war in Iraq this weekend, marking the first anniversary of the invasion, a Payson High School graduate talked about his experiences in the war.

Barking problem rooted in neglect


Several readers requested that I re-address the problem of barking dogs.

Bulldog fracas beckons Lady Horns

With visions of a tournament championship swirling inside their batting helmets, the Lady Longhorn softball team (7-4) returns to post-spring break play March 26 and 27 at the Kingman Bulldog Invitational.

Wide variety of plants with abundant beauty save water


At this writing, temperatures have already exceeded the normal highs for late spring or early summer, and precipitation amounts in the high country have been disappointing. Gardeners concerned about preserving their love of gardening and lowering their water bills may want to consider the wide variety of native plants now available.

Spring brings Mingus Marauder bats to Payson

The Longhorn baseball team (7-5-1) will attempt to rally behind a strong pitching staff and a rapidly improving offense when all-important 4A Grand Canyon regional play begins 3:30 p.m. March 26 on the PHS diamond.

Track schedule revised

The original versions of the Payson High School track and field schedules have undergone some recent revisions.

Annual MSA banquet to be most festive yet

Jack Koon is predicting the upcoming Mogollon Sporting Association annual banquet will be the most festive the organization has hosted.

Wrestlers to celebrate season with potluck

Remember BAGUBA?

Players sought for Senior Little League

The Senior Division (13 to 15 years old) of Payson Little League is in desperate need of enough players to form a fourth team for upcoming spring and summer play.

Payson's traffic enforcement officer is saving lives

It seems Payson's traffic enforcement officer is ruffling some feathers lately. Officer Allen Dyer was selected by Chief Gordon Gartner and Lt. Don Engler in October to exclusively deal with traffic violations.

Airplanes noisier than business

Ah! Almost spring, and some of the finest things are to sit and swing on the front porch and soak in the warmth and have conversation with friends and neighbors.

Plane, plant noise not half of it

With reference to the letters about noise since they moved in next to the airport industrial area. -- What if you had bought next to the national forest?

Giving thanks for happy lives

I'm not much on praying unless I'm trouble, but when I'm in trouble I'm as devout as the pope.

Right wing slant

A small town depends on its small-town newspaper for a balanced view. What an ironic juxtaposition, then, in the March 12 edition. A "lofty" column, "Our View," on how "All candidates should be congratulated" abutted by yet another tasteless anti-Kerrycartoon.

The U.S. budget is a looming crisis

Once again, President Bush is saying one thing and doing another. You might have heard him say that he's proposing more money for things like education and medical research.

A cure for Social Security

The best, quickest and most efficient way to cure our Social Security shortcomings is to get a bill started to place all politicians on Social Security in 2005.

Thank God for traffic cop

There is nothing worse than a driver who exceeds the speed limit in school zones.

About the traffic tickets

Here we go again!ore people not taking responsibility for their actions.

Decision on leave poor one

As grandparents of a middle school student, we are very concerned about the change being considered for the next school year.

Site feedback

Re: PUSD administrative costs -- Comparing the administrative costs of one school district to another is irrelevant ...

Spencer J. Brown

Spencer Jared Brown, 21, died March 22, 2004 at home in Payson. He was born Jan. 17, 1983 in Mesa.

Ira E. Eastman

Ira Eugene Eastman, 56, of Payson, died sometime between March 15 and March 17, 2004.

Ronald W. Haught

Ronald Wayne Haught, 67, of Mayer, died March 17, 2004.

Willard Hayes

Willard "Woody" Hayes of Star Valley died March 7, 2004.

Bonnie B. Kenneally

Bonnie Bray Kenneally, 60, of Payson, died March 18, 2004.

Beautification day scheduled for schools

Hundreds of parents, students and community members are expected to man hoes, rakes, shovels and other equipment at the Community-Wide School Beautification Day, Saturday, April 3.

Singer has Payson on her mind


Singer-songwriter Lynda St. John loves Payson -- so much, in fact, that she's written a song about the area.

Debate on war involves huge risk

Recent letters in the Roundup have demonized President Bush. Typically, it is alleged he involved us in a war with Iraq by a lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

An apology

This isn't necessarily "to the editor" but an apology to Mr. Smolenski for misspelling his name when we distributed the PSA on the Humane Society Jazz Brunch.