About The Traffic Tickets



Here we go again!ore people not taking responsibility for their actions.

Some parents will blame the teachers or the school system for the failure of their children in school.Some people blame the movies for the violent acts of others.

Now, some people are blaming the police for tickets they are receiving. This police officer is doing his job. He doesn't make a commission for the tickets he writes. He gets only his very meager pay to protect and serve the public against crimes and violations of others.

It's a fact that this officer is a dedicated and committed individual who, even after being shot and almost dying in the line of duty, continues to go out on the streets to try and keep Payson safe.

Isn't it sad when we complain about an officer doing his job? If a child or anyone were injured by someone running a traffic light, stop sign, or just speeding, people would complain that the police were not enforcing the law, but, these same people don't want to be the ones to receive tickets if they break the law.

Our Payson police officer is trying to prevent accidents from happening by people who are not responsible enough to observe the law.We shouldn't let these few whining people who won't take responsibility for their actions take away from the safety that is be provided for our children by this officer.

The bottom line is -- grow up and take responsibility for yourself and your actions.If you don't want a ticket, don't break the law.If you don't want to observe the law or think the laws apply only to others, don't drive in Payson.

Ed Greenberg, Payson

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